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Readers Respond: Share Your Thoughts on the Best Color for the Walls of an Art Gallery

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White has become the norm when it comes to the walls of an art gallery, but is it the best choice? Does it let the paintings stand out strongly, or does it bleach out their colors? Should the walls be painted a strong color to enhance the paintings? What do you think, and what would you choose? Share your thoughts on what the best color is for the walls of an art gallery or painting exhibition.

Respect the Art

These colors may make people comfortable, but they skew viewers' perceptions of the paintings. Some shade of gray or white is best: paintings stand out best against a neutral background, and the painting's own colors are true against a neutral background.
—Guest Jake

Wall Color

Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota (Florida, USA) features deep crimsons, eggplant, etc.
—Guest Linda Roberson

Deep and Warm

I have painted my gallery walls (actually my gallery/studio)a deep warm cordovan red, with a quinacridone gold ceiling. There are many windows with lots of good light. The adjoining living room has gold walls. The paintings are warm and colorful and "POP" on both areas. I am nuts about this choice to show off the purchased art as well as my own.
—Guest lee Jirka

Renaissance Gallery Walls

While white is "standard" we have found a warm light beige, like coffee with a lot of cream is more inviting. The warmer color seems to invite lingering over the paintings, and most paintings do look great against a warm wall. It depends on what response you want, but the warmer colors I think invite people to stay.

Sage Green

I like a dark green or grey-green for gallery walls, because I have a lot of warm colours. I've tried a similar background color scheme to display paintings on my website (www.marienagel.com).
—Guest Marie Nagel

Warm Color

It wants to be a warm color that makes you feel cosy and comfortable. Like an earthy red or orange.

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