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Readers Respond: Ways to Sell Your Art

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From the article: Where to Sell Your Art
What do you think is the best way to sell your paintings? How do you find buyers for your artwork? Do you use traditional galleries, online sales, or both? Is there more prestige attached to certain approaches and do art-fair buyers always want a bargain? Share you thoughts and experiences here.

Another Idea to Showcase Art

One of the best places for a artist here in Santa Fe to show their art is at the local libraries or in a book store. I'm currently in a bookstore and my art is hanging in the area where poets and authors discuss their work. As people listen, they see my art.
—Guest Ellen Walton

Showing with Ceramicists

One idea I have success with is teaming up my work (and other artists I know) with a professional group of ceramicists who hold several exhibitions each year at a well known local space. They like the idea of having original paintings up at the same time. Kind of a win-win situation as the paintings 'add' to the ceramics and the other way round. Any and every opportunity is the way to go! Local community groups and centres here in Australia are often happy to have paintings up for a week or two. I enjoy getting my works out there! If they sell this is a bonus! If not at least people are getting to see them. I love the idea that "seeds are being planted...."

Back on Track

I love painting and I love animals, so I started painting animals and donating the money to animal rescue organizations. A perfect project until I lost my focus and started concentrating on "Would this painting sell?" instead of the joy of painting. Your questions caused me to stop and realize what was happening. I will still try to make money for the animals, but whatever happens my first priority will get back into the feeling of creating a picture that represents my love for animals not will it sell or not. Thank you.
—Guest Joan

Exposure is Key

I love exhibiting my work in coffee shops and restaurants - getting the work out there is the first step and if a diner wants to purchase a piece, how wonderful that they think so much of my work that they want to own it.

Selling My Art

I don't paint to sell, I paint because I love it. If it sells, it sells, if it doesn't it doesn't. I sell locally to friends, neighbors and through places where I exhibit locally, art centers, senior centers, watercolor society, and other venues. There is no one best way, whatever way you sell works for you. What works for one artist, may or may not work for another.
—Guest Anne

Don't be a Snob

Don't look down on coffee shop, craft shops, gift shops... a sale is a sale!
—Guest Jose

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