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Readers Respond: What is the Best Art- or Painting-Related Gift You've Ever Received?

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What is the very best (or most useful) painting or art gift you've ever had as a present, whether it's something you bought yourself as a treat or something someone gave you? What do you wish someone would give you? What would you get if money were no object?

Very special gift

At Thanksgiving this year my 96 yr old father-in-law gave me the entire contents of his studio! As he is unable to paint now, he wanted me to have his supplies,equipment & reference books! This is the best gift ever as he is a wonderful water colorist & I can imagine I will paint even better using these tools!

Plane tickets and Workshop)

Gift idea: A trip to Colorado, which happens to be three-quarters of the way around the globe, to attend a four-day workshop with one of my mentors (JD Hillberry). Then when I get there, I will get his range of pencils and materials and his autographed book, and also pick his brain and ask a plethora of questions that he'll be happy to discuss with me.
—Guest dee1gifts

Anything and Everything

My father and friends keep giving me reference material and my cousin gets art material which is not available here when she goes abroad. The latest gift was from my daughter on my birthday Walter Frost and Jill Bays books on flowers in watercolours. However I dream of getting an honest and unbiased opinion by an expert who will help me overcome my shortcomings.

Jigsaw Puzzles

If you want to share some of your artwork with friends or relatives why not have jigsaw puzzle made from a holiday scene you've created and send it to them email or the real puzzle by snail mail. I think they might like this gift from you.

Best Gift

A travel size box of Cotman Winsor & Newton watercolors. The 24 half-pans. This goes everywhere with me. Also, money to buy the art supplies I've needed most of my painting life. I have an old set of Grumbacher pastels, 90 in a nice wooden box, I used in college. I'll never part with these. I still use them.
—Guest Amaurer

Schmincke Watercolors

One of my greatest motivators for getting surgery done on both eyes was wanting to paint. (The other thing that motivated me was driving again.) After my eyes had healed and my vision and color perception were really good, I treated myself to a box of Schmincke watercolors, a set of 48. They have been worth every dollar they cost. I'm no great shakes as an artist, I know, but these watercolors make my efforts look better.
—Guest sandybmc

Oil Paint Starter Set

After taking about , um, thirty years off from painting, my husband gave me an oil paint starter set for my birthday about 10 years ago. I haven't quit painting since!

Chair on Wheels!

I want a sturdy chair with wheels for my studio. I reached down to retrieve a "rolling paint brush loaded with paint and fell out of my cheap plastic lawn chair injuring my elbow and shoulder when I landed on the edge of my floor fan. So I want a chair that is NOT flimsy since this is the second time I have pulled this stunt!

A New Paintcase!

My old carry-on luggage with wheels is getting really old! A new one with pockets would be amazing to stuff and go!

Gift Certificate

Give a Gift Certificate to an online art supply house, they can buy what they want. How about painting their portrait? Give them a book on their favorite painter.
—Guest shrl/papaya

Magical Master: Chardin

I received for my fifty year's old a wonderful big book about Chardin from my wife. (Title "Chardin" published by Hazan, Paris 1994, author Marianne Roland Michel.) Several fabulous details of his technical mastery are explained. This book never leaves me.

Famous Paintings in Your Pocket!

"250 Masterpieces in Western Painting" is a boxed set of famous paintings reproduced on art history flashcards. Every famous painting is explained and analyzed by on the back of each Card; the front has a faithful reproduction of the artwork. Great for travel because they are portable (4"x6"), and color-coded by destination. Fascinating to learn the history of painting so easily!

I'm with the easels...

I want Santa to bring me a good French easel this year. I will hardly wait for the nice weather to get here to paint outdoors.

Try something different

Give YUPO the "plastisized" paper. It is entirely different from other papers! Pigments rest on top and aren't absorbed. A fun and different painting experience.
—Guest abstractartphotos


A set of miameri watercolours, or a number 9 kolinsky sable brush would do equally fine!
—Guest Dodo

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