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Readers Respond: What paint colors do you use for mixing creams?

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From the article: How Do I Mix Cream Colors?
Which paint colors or pigments are your favorites when it comes to mixing up gorgeous creams or off-whites? Do you have a standard "recipe" or set of colors you use?

A Creamy Tin Pie Pan was My Challenge

I couldn't seem to catch the perfect warm creamy pie pan color until realizing that an untinted glaze of bees wax was the perfect solution. It became a mixed media painting, encaustic over acrylic on a wood panel.

Mixing Creams

In gouache I found a wonderful range of white to cream in mixing M Graham gamboche with Windsor Newton permanent white. In acrylic I made a mix of the following to get ranges of soft buttery color (Golden matte fluid acrylics) titanium white, a small amount of hansa yellow and a tiny bit of red oxide.

Mixing creams

I use flesh tint with white for a nice cream. Hints of raw sienna and yellow ochre to this mix work well for shading dark to light creams, depending on the effect desired. Buff titanium is another good colour to use too, with a tiny dot of Payne's grey and plenty of white to create the desired wet sandy look.
—Guest brushstrokes

Violet and ochre

I learned in a workshop) to mix manganese violet and yellow ochre. (The tutor used Utrecht brand.) It makes a wonderful cream. I've tried it with other paint brands and they work real well also. You could use an unbleached white, but this is the best cream.
—Guest Gayla

Keep it real...

When painting the sand, I remember the reflection of sea and sky and add the tiniest bit of ultramarine blue. This neutralizes any oustanding reds or yellows and makes the sand blend more into the seascape. Whiten as needed, but please remember a little blue goes a long way.

Creams are like whites

Recently I did a painting of a creamy white horse on a whitish/cream background with a few white/creamy dogs.I was forced to study white and cream colours to get enough contrast. I came to the conclusion that cream, like white, reflects colours it's surrounded with. I did use a lot of titanium buff (like M. suggests) but found myself mixing a sorts of colours in, depending on the mood I was looking for in that particular place. My painting can be seen in the horseseries, general folder on the painting forum.
—Guest Varken

Raw umber

I like to use Titan Buff from golden and a touch of raw umber. I prefer the umbers when going for a more natural look.
—Guest Dana Kirk

Yellow ochre, cad red

Good question. there are so many off whites. I like to use yellow ochre a touch of cadmium red and may be some yellow. However the type of cream colour would depend on the subject matter, whether you need a bright cream for sunlit areas or a dull cream for shade areas. I think that umber is good for the latter but more yellow in the former. It is nice to have a ready made tube of cream like titanium buff though, it is a hassle to have to keep mixing up creams.
—Guest Tony

Yellow Ochre

Soft Mixing White by Winsor & Newton mixed with a tiny bit of yellow ochre works well for me.
—Guest StephZ

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