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Readers Respond: Do You Call Yourself an Artist or Painter?

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When you refer to yourself or talk about your artwork, do you call yourself a painter or an artist? Perhaps something else? Does it vary depending on who you're talking to, or do you try to avoid using a label of any kind? Share your thoughts and experiences here.

I am an Artist

It was difficult to call myself an artist until others gave me the title. Little children would ask me if I was an artist and I would say no at first. Then through the years others called me an artist and I gradually began to respond with a yes I am!
—Guest wanda hadley

Painters Paint

I am a Painter, by God's grace, whether I am creating so called "Fine Art" for a collector, or a corporation; or whether I am "Illustrating" an editorial for a magazine or even narrative painting for a congregation. The one thing that remains consistent for me, is my passion for expressing ideas through my gifts as a "painter", using the medium of "paint". A Calla Lilly is not merely a common "flower". The common title "flower" does not nearly capture its beauty nor essence, but when you call a thing by its name, ahhhh. I am Christopher, and I am a Painter.
—Guest Christopher Marion Thomas

Creative Thinking Makes an Artist

Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Poetry, Music, etc., are simply means of expression. Unless we are able to creates something original or innovative, we're not worth to the title of an artist. I consider myself an artist regardless of my lack of formal education in visual arts and music. I play drums, draw, paint, do product design and write. How did I get the idea that I'm an artist? I think, therefore I am!
—Guest Big2bees

Artist / Designer/ Craftswoman?

Have been a little confused on what I am. I call myself an Artist when I show my drawings or paintings; Designer when I show something designed by me or computer rendered and Craftswoman when I'm showing my beaded, crocheted or other creations. I guess Artist would be the best title for me as it covers all bases.

Artist Painter

I personally think everyone is an artist in their own way from the wider sense. I think when someone labels me a painter or artist, it has different meanings to me. I am a painter, because I paint but I may produce somethings that are a work of art which is specific in meaning to me personally and the person viewing it. I strive towards improving my techniques as a painter as much as possible so I can be more creative and produce the art I want that strikes a chord with me and other folks.

Latent Art

Certainly I am an artist because I feel in my soul the warmth of love for art and vibrancy of colors. Often, lying down, my brain keeps on thinking of new ideas and concepts. I want to express all of what I've in me.
—Guest moniba ali

Ordinary or Extraordinary?

An artist is someone who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, who challenges and alters our perception of reality. If you can't do that, then you're a painter, dabbling in your chosen medium, trying to work it out.
—Guest robe


Money has nothing to do with being an artist. A true artist has an inner fire that he/she imparts to the viewer in a way that moves the viewer, whether it sells or not. There are countless real, excellent artists who never sell anything. Look at Van Gogh. Making art is part of that. A painter is one only kind of artist, who uses paint. The medium is a vehicle for expressing that art.
—Guest Flora

Who am I? Artist or Painter?

In remembering back to my Art History classes in college, we always referred to Rembrandt or Van Gogh or even Rodin as artist, and I am sure if you were to ask them which one they were, they most likely would respond artist. I mostly paint with acrylics, generally landscapes and a few other subjects as my interest comes and goes, but I do not just consider myself a painter, a landscape painter nor landscape artist; but I do refer to myself as an artist period. Whether I am considered a professional, I have sold my share, or amateur, since I am not well known, does not concern me... after all true art is of the heart and soul of the artist coming out to play and bring forth life that is shared with all who view it. One of my mentor's once said "You are only as good as your worst work of art", and we all have some of them lurking about. So, Who Am I? Artist or Painter? My heart and soul knows, I am an Artist by my own right.

I'm an Artist!

I call myself an artist even though I'm really in training. I've used the word and the people around me do as well.
—Guest artistgrl2011

People Can Tell Its Mine

I love to paint, in fact I have to. My paintings are mine. People say they can tell a painting of mine. Its funny how I think I'm the first at something and then I come across something very much alike.
—Guest Bonnie

Ser Llamado Artista

Un artista es quien puede crear algo extraordinariamente bello a partir de su yo interior, no importa si la cosa existe o no, es su persona que fluye y transforma algo material o inmaterial para que otros lo reconozcan. [Autotranslated: An artist is someone who can create something extraordinarily beautiful from their innerself, whether the thing exists or not it is their own personality that flows and transforms something tangible or intangible for others to recognize.]

What is an Artist?

An artist -- I was taught in art aesthetics class at university many years ago -- is someone that can take something ordinary and present it in an extraordinary way. If you can do that, then and only then you are an artist. Can you do it or can't you do it? Deep inside ourselves we can all answer that question.
—Guest Artist

Be an Artist!

If you work at your art on a regular and frequent basis you can call yourself an artist. There may be qualifiers such as "amateur", "professional", "good", or "bad", but you are still an artist.


The creator is an artist. If only the painter of someone else's creation then remains a painter pretty much that's how it is. I wouldn't call someone who paints by numbers from a package an artist. But I would call an imaginative child in kindergarten an artist if he/she created something original with crayons.
—Guest reality2me

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