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Readers Respond: How Have You Experienced Virtues and/or Vices in Your Painting?

Responses: 12


Which of the 7 Deadly Painting Sins are you guilty of the most? And which virtue? Share your painting-related experiences here.


Of course, doubt is not a fault in general, but it is when it overwhelms self-confidence. Very often we experience that an idea doesn't seem to work. We tend to destroying a work in progress because it doesn't seem satisfactory. Put it aside for a moment or carry on without caring about the initial intention. Very often, it turns out to be better than what you planned if you just let it grow.
—Guest Eva

My Art Sins

Thanks for the 7 sins. I am guilty of the first four and the fifth some some extent. Too humble for the last two, but reading this helped me clear my thoughts on these issues, I will have to revisit this list. Thanks again.
—Guest Ruben Gutierrez

All Seven Sins

I like my paintings so much they have to be pride from my hands. I have a glut of commissions. Friends are envious of my painting abilities. It's the one thing they're a-greed on. My paintings don't loose their lust-er. So many of my paintings hang like sloths. There's nothing I'd wrath-er be doing than painting.
—Jack Forresster

I'm Guilty of Four of These!

I am a young, almost-entirely self-taught artist who has recently started going to college to study art, in the hopes of studying illustration next year, and I have been experiencing these sins almost constantly throughout my course so far. Normally it starts with anger, when something I have never tried before doesn't come out as well as I'd like, then jealousy when other people in the class do something better than me and I think "I will never be that good!". Next fear, afraid other people won't like what I've done, that leads to sloth, finding any excuse not to do work and ending up rushing at the last minute to catch up. I have also experienced gluttony, blaming the tools I have for not being good enough so I go out and buy better ones in the hope it'll make me a better artist. If anyone has any advice on how to break these bad habits, I'd love to hear them.
—Guest 'Lil Lulu


Coming up with a unique style. doing something no one has done, maybe it is lust.
—Guest reneeruby123@live.com

So Difficult to Get Out of It

Sloth and gluttony are both my incurable diseases! Every day I say to myself: "Tomorrow I'll make good resolutions, I swear!" But consistently the Goddess of Fate thwarts my plans! I know that I am the champion of procrastination! And I have often the guilty illusion that new mediums colours will improve my technical abilities, so I know I feel depressed...
—Guest Yover


I don't believe in sins, but in drawbacks which we can correct. Mine is totally gluttony! Sometimes I feel discouraged to paint because I end up buying more colours, sometimes without thinking if I really need them, so in the end I start to think where to use the colours instead of thinking freely of painting.

Bless me Father for I have sinned...

I am guilty of every one of these sins. Isn't everybody at some point? When fear (false expectation appear real) sets in I use any excuse to not paint. I'll even scrub toilets to get myself off the hook. The good news is I now recognize it when I do it and I am sometimes successful with banishing the desire to go to a "safe" place. Sometimes its easier than others. I just have to keep moving on. Another tack is NEVER ask your friend or spouse what they think of your work. It can be deadly! Picasso supposedly said he never saw a painting he didn't like. He said "I really mean it. I'll even go to a hotel someplace and see a little painting of flowers, and I'll think. just to get from here to there without embarrassing yourself, well, my heart goes out to the the artist who did it." Amen!

Gluttony vs Temperance

Hey, this one I recognize! Not so much the purchase of brushes, paints and all those wonderful items, but I do spend too much time on About: Painting, reading about a painting style, using color, painting in the light,etc, things I should be going to my canvas and experiencing for myself!

All of these are true

I managed over the years to reveal all of these 'sins' and become considerably resistant to them, even with some cost to it. But the sad thing is, how many of my art teachers I had before, just wouldn't share their knowledge out of fear of making you a competitor. At least I managed to meet some certain good people who taught me all the important stuff (that I know at the moment).

I'm a Sinner!

Wow, I didn't realize that I was such a sinner until I had read through this article a couple of times. Then it came to me that I have commited each of these deadly "sins" much more often that I could have believed. Like any sin, it is easy to get sucked into bad habits and once they become accepted parts of your personality, you no longer notice them. That is until they are brought back out into the light and shown for what they really are. Thanks, I'm going to get right to work on this.


When I recognize I'm being impatient, I chant "Patience is a virtue. Virtue is a Grace. Grace is a little girl who wouldn't wash her face." It's like taking a very long deep breath. Then I get painting again.
—Guest Josie

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