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Readers Respond: Why Do You Paint? What is the Purpose of Making Art or Painting?

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What do we get out of painting or creating art, other than the finished piece? I personally believe the act of creating, the creativity behind an artwork, is crucial for personal happiness and satisfaction.

Heart Paints, Hand Follows

I paint because it is the foundation of all creation. My most inner world becomes the stage with which I can observe and learn to understand. It is my reality and my dream state. There are no words needed just colour and form to communicate the visions concocted from my soul. I paint because I can reinstate my reality to form other worlds.
—Guest Laura

A Vital Need for Some of Us

When you are definitely convinced that you can't do anything else. When you go to the museum and that you are imagining you are virtually going to paint masterpieces you are looking in details: once you paint in place of Veronese, another time, Constable etc. When, being a child, you were amazed by simple colored chalks used by the teacher on the blackboard at school. At last, the first time you have smelt the exquisite scents of turpentine and linseed oil and that you were saying in a whisper: "It smells as good as cocoa."
—Guest Yover

To Share My Perceptions

I make art to lose myself. I make art to share my thoughts, my perceptions of the world. I make art so I can be congratulated. Because each piece is inherently unique, it makes me feel "valuable" because I can do something no one else ever can.
—Guest Nekoshi


Painting gives me pleasure and accomplishment in creating something....but to see the pleasure it brings someone else, to see them love the painting , to put it across from their bed so they can see it first thing in the morning and last at night, is the most fulfilling and wonderful compliment a painter can have.....and I am only a novice.
—Guest Minnette

Art is Home

Drawing makes me feel like I'm home, it has been one of few permanent things in my life never changing, always beautiful. Being an artist is the core foundation of who I am, the very beginning and end of what I do, have done and will ever do.
—Guest Murphy

Why do I Paint?

I paint because I love to create. I feel the purpose of creating art is to share something beautiful and allow others to see something only the artist has perceived.


For me, there is unspeakable joy and a feeling of wellbeing to see my views captured and framed. Painting gives me a voice to make natural statements

Why do I Make Art?

It is actually a combination of things. I paint because I like to create something. While doing so it calms me. It's relaxing. It is therapy. Achievement. 'like visiting the place or object I'm painting. For other people to enjoy looking at it.
—Guest Lanie Strauss

Why do I Paint?

I have no other choice. I've tried to stop and do other things...but I always come back to it like a homesick child. My body calms and I feel safe if only for a little while.
—Guest Lady who draws on the train...

Capturing Moments

I like to capture a certain look on someone's face or paint a view I will miss out on if I take one more step. They solidify memories in a way a camera just can't. Painting my own realities and getting lost in them during the process is something I have come to require each day. Time and space have no place there and I can get lost until a tap on the shoulder brings me home. Feels kinda like a lucid dream while it lasts and in that reality the brush is merely the motion of the wind pushing the coloured air around.
—Guest Reality2me

Anything with Colors is Real

Because anything with colors is real, no matter how unreal it might sound, if it is on a canvas then you are a creator of emotions.
—Guest Diego Jaimes


I paint because learning a way to express myself is on my bucket list. As a beginning class student at almost 65 years, I have a long way to go before I achieve a real painting. I paint every day. Creating in my head is easy, but so far the actual ability to execute a perfect creation has passed me by. I will keep trying because I enjoy the colors I come up with and sometimes just feel a sense of accomplishment that I haven't given up. Another responder said they did not throw away anything, I keep everything as well in a small apartment, and still using the very cheapest of products.
—Guest Renee Millwood

Easier to Express Feelings Than Words

Painting, for me, is easier to express my thoughts and feelings than words. I paint to please myself. As a child I had an abusive stepfather. I was not allowed to speak. I retreated out of sight and learned that art was my escape 'to' and 'from'. It was my self-induced therapy. Art got me through 12 years of neglect and abuse from that man. Years later I learned how to get all the anger (for him) out and onto a canvas. I have no more anger. That little 12 x 16 inch canvas still serves it's purpose by hanging in my studio as a reminder of how far I've come. I give thanks to a mentor, Dick Turner, for showing me how to rise above it and use the suffering to better my art.
—Guest paintpiddlerdeluxe

Why Do You Paint

I paint because the uncertainty of the outcome is so exciting and yes with it, you are never lonely. It is soothing and it kind of fills you up with positivity.
—Guest ukp

Why I Paint

Life is a river of emotions. It flows. As an artist I find rhythm in my life which influences me to paint. Divine flowers, abstract, or eternal circle.
—Guest baljitchadha

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