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Readers Respond: Why Do You Paint? What is the Purpose of Making Art or Painting?

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What do we get out of painting or creating art, other than the finished piece? I personally believe the act of creating, the creativity behind an artwork, is crucial for personal happiness and satisfaction.

Happiness Empowers People

I create fun whimsical pop art that makes people smile. My pieces are talking pieces and add character and brightness to homes and workplaces. My appreciation for life is expressed on canvas and allows me to release it to others around me.
—Guest Nelson Preez

Memories as paint, emotions as strokes.

Why do I paint? Because I see myself in the painting. I experience each stroke as it brings back memories with color. I find painting as a method of meditation and concentration where you discover your true potential. I paint to explore and find magical realms where each stroke becomes reality.
—Guest Caroline


I was a professional photojournalist 31 years and I created art to inform people. But I've been a painter as long as I can remember as well as doing graphite portraits. I think I paint to escape what's real. Photojournalism can sometimes be painful but painting a landscape is relaxing. I get into the landscape even if I work from a photo. I feel the breeze in the painting.
—Guest Joe

I Love Painting

I love painting, knitting and embroidery. I love colours. When I see a photograph or get an idea, I have to paint it . It is as if the landscape or flowers or whatever the subject becomes mine as it is has a part of me in it. The joy of creation is immense and if the work is appreciated, it is the icing on the cake. As long as the painting exits even after the artist is no more, the artist lives.

The Need to See Good in the World

I think the answers of other contributors are true: We do it to keep sane or satisfied. But what made us insane in the first place was the lack of beauty in our surroundings that art allows us to put back into it. We then feel satisfied at seeing our ability to war against the ugly elements of our world. We then identify ourselves with this repeated action of supplying our world with our medium at which point we say "That is who I am". It's a process that we have to do because we are hungry to see good whether it be colorful, expressive, shapely, beautiful in sound or compassionate.
—Guest cortesito

Colours are part of me

I have eyes for colours, I can see the beauty of shabby colours. I'm fond of colours combination and contrast. I feel I can tell what the colour wants to say. I don't hate any colour even the dull colours I can see their attraction and know well how to use them.
—Guest Balkis Mardi

My soul speaks....

For me painting is like breathing. I enjoy going on a storytelling journey. Expressing what I see through my eyes and mind. This is my own unique world and paint what I feel. Teachers and artists have influenced me, but my work is my own unique voice. I have no other choice. I've tried to stop and do other things but I always go back to it.

I MUST do something creative

As a child, I wanted to make color-books come alive with color. It wasn't until I was a "senior citizen" that I tried painting a picture from a magazine. My husband was surprised and said if I wanted to learn to paint, there must be a video on how to paint, for there are videos on most everything. For Christmas that year, he bought a how-to-paint video for me. I was delighted, and I've been learning ever since. My hands do not always follow the orders from my brain, but I keep working on that problem.

I Paint Because...

...going through the process of painting is like a spiritual journey. I am in my own world, yet I am aware of my surrounding. I paint with other people in mind, family and friends. I view painting as a selfless act, as a beautiful act.
—Guest norbert

Gives Joy

The reason why I paint is simple. It gives me joy. It is also a way of expressing myself.
—Guest komalkaur7261@yahoo.in

Heart Paints, Hand Follows

I paint because it is the foundation of all creation. My most inner world becomes the stage with which I can observe and learn to understand. It is my reality and my dream state. There are no words needed just colour and form to communicate the visions concocted from my soul. I paint because I can reinstate my reality to form other worlds.
—Guest Laura

A Vital Need for Some of Us

When you are definitely convinced that you can't do anything else. When you go to the museum and that you are imagining you are virtually going to paint masterpieces you are looking in details: once you paint in place of Veronese, another time, Constable etc. When, being a child, you were amazed by simple colored chalks used by the teacher on the blackboard at school. At last, the first time you have smelt the exquisite scents of turpentine and linseed oil and that you were saying in a whisper: "It smells as good as cocoa."
—Guest Yover

To Share My Perceptions

I make art to lose myself. I make art to share my thoughts, my perceptions of the world. I make art so I can be congratulated. Because each piece is inherently unique, it makes me feel "valuable" because I can do something no one else ever can.
—Guest Nekoshi


Painting gives me pleasure and accomplishment in creating something....but to see the pleasure it brings someone else, to see them love the painting , to put it across from their bed so they can see it first thing in the morning and last at night, is the most fulfilling and wonderful compliment a painter can have.....and I am only a novice.
—Guest Minnette

Art is Home

Drawing makes me feel like I'm home, it has been one of few permanent things in my life never changing, always beautiful. Being an artist is the core foundation of who I am, the very beginning and end of what I do, have done and will ever do.
—Guest Murphy

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