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Sunrise by Yover

Submit an Entry: Painting Project: Opaque Colors

By yover

Sunrise by Yover

Diffuse lights, sparkling highlights

Sunrise by Yover

Opaque colors

Title and Medium

Sunrise. Oil on canvas. 92 cm x 65 cm

Cerulean blue, royal blue, burnt umber, coral red, cadmium yellow, sahara yellow, titanium white.

Artist's Statement

A sunrise has always something magical and enchanting. As if Nature came alive again. Technically, scumbling and velatura are nearly everywhere. After a first step of acrylic all over the canvas (a mix of burnt umber + cerulean blue + white), I continue with the use of oils.

I began with burnt umber, white and royal blue in the sky and sea with big brushes. I drew very carefully the peninsula and filled it with a mix of burnt umber, coral and royal blue.

A week after, I began the scumbling and velatura phase: scumbling with light tonal colors (sahara yellow, cerulean blue) on the clouds and sea (sahara yellow + burnt umber + white) except for the white zone of highlights and yellow light zone above the skyline. Finally, I use velatura (titanium white) in the sky to suggest the rays of light through the clouds.

The biggest problem was to master the tonal variations all over the surface at every step. I added two sailing boats in the distance to suggest the depth.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I realize it is my hardest work until now, but I believe it was worth the effort!
  • I like the diffuse light and the sparkling effect of this sunrise thanks to scumbling, velatura and opaque colors.
  • It would be interesting to do it again with more translucent and diluted colors too.
  • I hope, at last, I have not painted a common postcard for tourists!

Marion Boddy-Evans, About.com Painting, says:

A glorious sense of the colors and light at sunrise! Soft but bright; directional but diffuse. The two little boats pull the eye into the distance, adding depth, scale, and light.

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