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Gardenias by Shrl

Submit an Entry: Painting Project Abstracting Nature

By shrl

Gardenias by Shrl


Gardenias by Shrl

Title and Medium

Title: Gardenias Medium: Acrylics Size: 8 by 10 on canvas paper

Colors: off white, sap green, torquoise, yellow, umber.

Artist's Statement

I picked some gardenias from the garden and put them in vase and wished I could paint flowers and have them look as they are suppose to be! The thought occurred to me that if I could paint them loosely maybe they might have an abstract or at least a semi abstract look - this is the result. I think they turned out to be more impressionistic in style.

It was interesting to see it evolving with little effort and time about 30 minutes.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I don't think I'd do anything differently other than wish I had the skill to make it look more abstract rather than impressionist.
  • What I like the very most is the very loose and carefree look and the colors and how they live harmoniously on the canvas.

Marion Boddy-Evans, About.com Painting, says:

If this were mine, I wouldn't change a thing and would be rather thrilled with it! From a distance (or in a small photo) it looks very real, but up close (or in a large photo) the flowers dissolve into a series of loose, joyful brushmarks.

To move it another step towards abstract, you might crop in the composition more tightly. To my mind, removing the stems makes it less immediately evident that these are flowers. Having less background makes it feel less like a still life or flower painting, and lean more like a pleasing arrangement of shapes and colors (hold up your hands to block off the negative space on the right-hand side and at the bottom).

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