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By srcharters


Elise - August 2010

What I Used

I used oilstick and pencil on a sheet of 170gsm acid free paper from a sketch pad.

What I Did

Working in a Life Class I blocked in the pose with oilstick onto a sheet of Mylar manipulating the paint with my fingertip. I drew lines with a pointed stick removing paint and cleaned the edges with a rag.

I ran the plate through an etching press to produce the coloured underpainting. Then I returned to the life class and worked into the monoprint with pencil, referring to the model - though now of course I was working in reverse.


  • You don't need an etching press - the colour will transfer perfectly well if you burnish the back of the paper with a spoon or scrape across it with a credit card.
  • Take care to ensure that you're satisfied with the draughtsmanship of your drawing before you transfer it onto paper

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