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Submit an Entry: Abstracted Flower Painting Project

By Rakhi Sunil Kumar



Title and Medium

Encircle. Oil on Canvas board

30 cm x 40 cm

Artist's Statement

I selected sleeping hisbiscus (plenty in my garden) for the subject as I was very much impressed by the way the five petals encircle each other. The pattern was very inspiring.

I took that pattern as starting point, later I filled up the remaining area with nature colours blues/greens.

Though I am not impressed by my brush strokes, I was happy to see that the painting can be interpreted in many ways. Life... Universe, Tornado... even Chakras...

What I'd Do Differently

  • This is very interesting topic and once I completed this, I thought of so many other ways I could have painted from it... and I am going to explore all that. Thanks a lot.

Marion Boddy-Evans, About.com Painting, says:

It's lovely to see someone so inspired by a project, seeing you leap from the starting point of a flower to something quite removed from it, to this striking and colorful abstract. And you're so right, there can be many exciting possibilities from one flower once you start looking and thinking!

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