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Reader Submissions: Abstracted Flower Painting Project


The challenge of this painting project is to paint an abstracted flower, to use a flower as the starting point for a painting, but to simplify the detail so it's more like one of those "what is this" puzzles than a real flower. Think "reduced and/or altered reality" rather than purely abstract. Use part of a flower, the shapes and colors. If in doubt about what "abstraction" is, take a look at the paintings in the Abstracting Nature Painting Project Gallery. There are no restrictions on size, colors, or number of submissions.
• Reference Photos: Abstracted Flowers and Flowers
Status: Closed to new submissions

Royally Purple

I just started with the image of purple flower in my head, and then just went with the flow. Not sure if I managed to achieve any abstraction, but I tried to keep it loose, and not pay too much atten…More

Secret Life of a Night Flower

I'm an 'experimental artist' always trying something-shifting between media constantly, eagerly tasting all I come across as quickly as I am able to acquire the media necessary. It is my delight to t…More

Emotional Outburst by Yover

Some months ago, I have wanted to do again an abstract painting. I liked the original photo in which all the details were overwhelmed by the green color which masks any focus point. But I didn’…More

Peach Hibiscus by Mary Walker

This has become my third in a series of abstracted flowers. My friend has beautiful flowers and this Peach Double Hibiscus is inspired from that garden. I like this painting because it has a warm sun…More

Pond Lilly

I enjoyed painting my first abstracted flower Peony Rose so much that I wanted to try it again. This flower is a little more colorful and I brought some details from the background pond and lily pads…More

Peony Rose by Mary Walker

The peony rose was chosen for its vibrant pink and deep shadowed crevices. I was reluctant because I've never painted in abstracted form. After it was completed I stepped back and saw why so many peo…More

Bright Morning

I was attempting to find a subject for an abstract painting, which is an area I have not explored in my paintings to any degree. I am a devoted watercolorist and since I mainly work in florals, I cho…More

Barely Bougainvillea

This project inspired me to try an abstract. I zoomed in on a photo looking for interesting shapes and lines, that got me started, I played with it as I went along.I used a limited pallete of crimson…More


I was looking at photos of tulips when I came across one that inspired me. I checked various crops of the photo until I chose a section that was full of intense color and interesting shapes. I experi…More

Poured Paint Abstract

The idea of poured paint intrigued me! I had to run downstairs to my studio and give it a try. The first idea which came to mind was a rose, so this is what I came up with.I poured the flower first, …More

Flamingo in Costa Rica

I was inspired by this beautiful flower in Costa Rica. This piece is part of a four canvas grouping. I wanted to give each canvas a small portion of the flower and leave room for the feel the environ…More

Flower of Love

My sister's friend, who is a keen nature lover, had several gladioli growing in the garden of his previous home in summer, and this painting is based on a photograph taken of these beautiful flowers.…More


This is my first attempt at an abstract. I read the tutorial and tried my hand at developing the negative space. The idea was to start with a negative space of a flower. And yes it did evolve because…More

Petals (Negative)

Fallen petals in various stages of dying. This is the blue (negative) version of a set; Petals (Positive) being the other one. With this work I decided not to depict every shadow and highlight of the…More

Pink Floral

I inspired by blooming pink roses in a magazine. They have different shades with inside and outside of the petals. Oil pastel: sometimes it's hard to manage and nasty; it's hard to erase when got mis…More

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