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Robin Lino Cut by Cvramana

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By cvramana

Robin Lino Cut by Cvramana

Robin Lino Cut

What I Used

I used watercolors with lino cut robin on paper measuring 10cm x 12cm. Last time I tried a Christmas tree with watercolors. I am not satisfied at all. Now robin with watercolors is much better. Maybe I improved my application technique now. I have folded paper on top to get other side for message.

What I Did

I am improving in this lino cut printing. I like to implement in my next painting project. I have seen a painting on one of the walls on careful study I found it is made of lino cut/or similar method. Even the flex printing is similar method I believe.


  • Be careful in pressing evenly.I did not use printing ink but would like to try it; maybe it is better. You have to be careful not to make any marks on card.

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