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"Seeing Red" by Marion Boddy-Evans.

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By Marion Boddy-Evans

"Seeing Red" by Marion Boddy-Evans.

"Seeing Red" by Marion Boddy-Evans.

What I Used for This Painting

"Seeing Red" was painted with acrylics, on a large canvas 40×40 inches (approx 1×1 metres). Texture paste was applied to the canvas before I added colour.

Why This Painting is My Favorite from 2012

It's hard to pick only one painting, but I decided on this because the dominant colour (cadmium red) is an unusual one for me. The size amongst the largest I painted, and I enjoyed the challenge of "painting big".

I applied a little texture paste for some islands in the distance and a few tree trunks, left this to dry, then covered it with red. I started with the idea of autumnal leaves; one thing led to another, and when I got here I decided I loved the touch-of-reality feel. Is it lava, apocalyptic, simmering angst? It works upside down too, as a red sky over dark hills. The painting has been sold.

Lessons Learned

  • Give in to an impulse when painting; I can always overpaint to go back to my original idea but don't know an impulse might lead. Happy accidents and all that.
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