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Reader Submissions: Your Favorite 2012 Painting


We're celebrating our creative endeavors by sharing the absolute favorite painting out of all those painted in 2012. Why it stands out, what you particularly like, how it came about, and where it is now. Get started by clicking on any of the painting links below, then scroll from page to page using the navigation arrows at the bottom of each.

Celebrating Spring by Meera Ahuja

This painting is another favourite from 2012. It is also a part of the series on seasons. Where the gardens are overflowing with blooming flowers of various hues, the lovelorn maiden is drenched in H…More

Man with White Head Covering by Papaya

This is another of my 2012 favorite Paintings. What I love about this painting is the contrast between the man's dark clothes and skin hat really makes the white head scarf dazzle and the center of i…More

Reflections by Diane Strain Boston

You may not accept a second Favorite Painting; however, I couldn't decide because this painting has sentimental attachments to me. The painting is of a man leaning on a lamp post, looking at the wate…More

Gateway to the Sea by Diane Strain Boston

I'm usually very detail oriented, and my paintings lean towards realism, although some have a contemporary 'edge'. There are so many paintings that show my more often used 'style'but I love this pain…More

Portrait by Oldsignmaker

Painted from photo of a portrait of Abigale Adams with my wife's likeness. We have a historic home and portrait hangs overthe mantel. It was hard painting someone I'm close to, but everyone knows who…More

Mother Theresa by Mercedita Centeno-De Jesus

This painting is my favorite because it's the only oil painting i finished for the year 2012 and it features my favorite person, Mother Theresa. It is now displayed in our living room. I remember doi…More

Having Fun by Papaya

I've painted other paintings that are far better but this was a challenge to paint a landscape without the aid of brush or knife to get a reasonable looking landscape. I was surprised at the end resu…More

Nightlights by Doris Rios

Name of the painting is "Nightlights". Living in City Island there are beautiful water views day and night.I came across a quiet soft night. Painted it exactly the way I saw and felt it. Feelings are…More

My Little Sunshine by Meenakc

Every time I paint a picture I fall in love with it. However, I still have to choose one of my favourite. I think, this is the best of all. It is my daughter's portrait. I started this portrait to le…More

Two Happy Birds by Yover

Sunny weather in the South. Cypresses, pines, dense vegetation, buildings. No motion except for two happy birds. This work pays tribute to life in couple: couple of birds, couples of trees...First la…More

Raja by Pamici

I like the linear quality of the subject and the patterning of the background and foreground. I also like the use of space, with the subject filling the foreground. And I like the expression on the c…More

Puesta del Sol by Jolyn Wells-Moran

I've always wanted to capture the brightness of the sun -- as well as what the sun lights most closely around it from an individual's perspective here on earth. My response to looking at the sun, how…More

Shadow Dance by R Yvonne Colclasure

This is the last painting I completed in 2012. I like the the way the light bounces through it. I like the way the shadows describe the surface. I love the color. I feel like I am finally getting to …More

Arby's Rose by V.Lueb

This was my first painting using my own reference photo. It is of a rose on a bush that I planted by my doggie's grave, so I named it painting Arby's Rose. Curiously, that rose bush has been blooming…More

Starburst by Harriet Slaughter

It signifies the burst of creative energy that came from painting this past year. My photo reference was a billboard in Times Square which is in the neighborhood where I love to stroll at night and g…More

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