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The Berry Picker

Submit an Entry: Your Favorite 2011 Paintings

By jbqdgq

The Berry Picker

The Berry Picker

What I Used for This Painting

The Berry Picker is painted on 8x10 inch canvas board with acrylic paint.

Why This Painting is My Favorite from 2011

Every June my wife, Dorothy, and I would go to East Texas with friends and pick blueberries. We always had a great time and brought home lots of berries. My wife died 10 years ago so I have to paint her from photos. We did so many wonderful things together and I have many photos. I really enjoy doing pictures of her.

Lessons Learned

  • Green. There are so many greens. Since I began painting I have become aware of all the greens in nature. It does not show up so well in the photo but I tried to put in many shades of green. Go take a walk in the woods or a park sit and look at the trees, grass and bushes. Look at all the greens.

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