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The Crying Mask by Mary Sedici

Submit an Entry: Your Favorite 2010 Paintings

By Mary Sedici

The Crying Mask by Mary Sedici

The Crying Mask

What I Used for This Painting

Acrylic on Canson Paper

Why This Painting is My Favorite

This is my very first painting depicting a human figure. I have been invited to a masquerade show, and the organizer insisted in my participation. I said "all right", I will give it a try. So, here it is. She is my favorite work, it is not for sale.

Lessons Learned

  • If one wants to succeed, has to learn new techniques, and new styles. I wish I could paint photo realistic, and later use the skills in my own style. I have also learned that trying to do something we never did before give a burst and sets us on higher level. At least this is what I fell after completing this work. I am very glad I tried. Never say "I can't do it". Yes, you can, just give it a try.

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