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Revelation by Tam Tilley

Submit an Entry: Your Favorite 2010 Paintings

By Tam Tilley

Revelation by Tam Tilley


What I Used for This Painting

Acrylic, canvas on wood frame. 4 feet x 4 feet.

Why This Painting is My Favorite

Regardless of the many paintings I've done this year, I keep coming back to this fellow. I remember praying I wouldn't mess it up! I love lots of color and the balanced use of cools and warms is perhaps what I like best. Something about his expression also captures my attention. It's currently hanging in Olde Town Gallery in Conyers, Georgia.

Lessons Learned

  • Particularly with acrylics, I learned to make sure that my colors stayed true (rather than letting water dilute the image to more of a watercolor). I also learned that excellence in doing the little things is the measure of one's excellence.

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