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Reader Submissions: Your Favorite 2010 Paintings


Readers share their favorite painting of all those they painted in 2010, and tell us why they particularly like this one, and where it is now.

Even an Ordinary Person Can Think Deeply by Shisher S Maisske

This painting I had commenced on my train journey of 3000 km (both onward and return journey). I was proceeding for my father's medical treatment and desperately anxious that the journey of about thi…More

Iris Bud by Caysha

I love the colors in this and the contrast of the sharp lines vs the out of focus areas. I want to paint another with the same idea in different colors. The painting is in my dining room, but I want …More

Women on the Move by Martha Phillips

This painting to me a long time to do. Each time I put on a new layer the process would take me in a different direction. I would have to let go of preconceived ideas and let the mediums dictate what…More

Lion in Pastel by Lalawoods

I paint in pastels and oils and am now learning watercolours. I'm trying to learn to loosen up and not concentrate so much on detail. This is my favourite this year because I let myself go and allowe…More

Silent Observers by Papaya

This is only one of my favorite paintings of 2010 and I like it because it's different from any I've painted. Archways, doorways, windows have great appeal for me as subjects to paint and I've painte…More

After Moulin de laGallette by Katie Carr-Anderson

I love the qualities of oil as well as acrylic. Oil helps me punch up the color and acrylic gives me a quick drying background color. The piece is based on Le Moulin de la Gallette by Renior original…More

The Glory of August by Jerry Fresia

I like the results, but more importantly I totally enjoyed the process. It was wonderful. I did this in two sittings (maybe three?), each an hour and a half long. It was August, summery and hot. I pa…More

Toro Toreo

I love this painting because it was all but lost in a studio accident. I'd painted the bull (toro) and the bullfighter (torero) in watercolour on a piece of A1 140lb paper, and I was pleased with the…More

Moment in Paris by Sandra

I love this painting. I don't do many abstracts that I am really pleased with, but this was the exception for me! I suppose being able to visit Paris had a lot to do with it, but I normally don't pai…More

The Weeping Willow by Yover

2010 is the year of Claude Monet in Paris. The exhibition in the “Grand Palais” has been a revelation for me. Above all, his late period is incredible: we can feel the unconscious beginni…More

Revelation by Tam Tilley

Regardless of the many paintings I've done this year, I keep coming back to this fellow. I remember praying I wouldn't mess it up! I love lots of color and the balanced use of cools and warms is perh…More

Fruit of the Vine by J Lamons

This was a still life, and I painted a peach and banana and a orange for the first time in all these years. I have painted fruit but not these various varieties. I added the wine glass and a cloth. I…More

Olde Blue by LucyVolley22

It's a combination of colors and metal. It's currently hanging in a two person show. It took me six months to complete, but it was worth every minute of it. I would get up early in the morning and pa…More

Fond Memories Hold Them Close To Your Heart by S Haley

I love the bold colors and set up of this still life. It was a special painting because it was done for a very close friend of mine and held special meaning to the couple. Each item chosen is represe…More

Alex's Grandad

This is a painting of my friend's Granddad , (my first commission and probably my last!). I am colour blind to some colours, I can't tell dark green from black and most pale colours are just guess wo…More

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