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Lions Fight by Yover

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By yover

Lions Fight by Yover


Lions Fight by Yover



"Lions Fight". Veronese oil medium. 65 cm x 54 cm.

My Thoughts About This Challenge

"…ask why you fear expressing yourself creatively" (quote from Jerry Fresia article)

After a first work describing a sad event (view painting), with few muted colors, I needed to paint with bright, warm colors, a hectic scene. I chose lion, one of the symbols, with baobabs, of Africa. I needed immediately to express other feelings. Different. As for the former work, the baobabs are like witnesses, onlookers as in a bull ring. In the distance, in order to create more tension, carefree tourists are unaware of the danger.

Lessons Learned

  • The main challenge for me has been the composition: the size of the couple of lions among the canvas, the overall light, the option not to add too many details in the grass, in a nutshell, to succeed in the homogeneity of the whole surface.
  • At last, my constant concern was to convey an energetic feeling, far from a lifeless snapshot.

Marion Boddy-Evans, About.com Painting, says:

One thing immediately struck me — the figure wearing red. When you're in the bush, you generally wouldn't wear bright colors (or white) because you startle the animals.

In terms of composition, for me it's a painting about lions, not about the boabab trees. The scene is one of aggression and anger, not peacefulness and tranquility which I what I get from the reference photo.

You're also more likely to see lions lazing around, soaking up the sunshine, than doing anything else. So the tranquillity of the photo could be retained by having some lazy lions (see lion reference photos) in the composition.
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