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Reader Stories: Your Favorite Wildlife or Animal Painting


Which wildlife or animal paintings of all those you've painted are your particular favorites, and why? Share a photo of your painting(s) and tell us about it, and also browse through the favorite animal and wildlife paintings by other artists.

"Coming Out" by Beth Peterson

I feel that I really captured a spirit of life, joy, and awareness in this painting. I love how it captures my eye and moves it around, but even more so how it invites me to become a part of it... as…More

Gray Wolf by Jim Springett

The ever knowing eyes. I used a very small 0000 sable brush in painting the fur and many slight changes in color so when viewing from say 3 to 4 feet away looks very good and the colors come together…More

Got Cha by Martha

I loved that this painting turned out pretty decent for a first time animal and he looks like he thinks he has crept upon this rabbit and that he thinks he has trapped it. He has expression and he lo…More

Why are You Here by S Haley

White I like about this painting, is the clear bright white but yet the suttle shades of gray and black in the fur. I love the power that he exudes and direct stare, as he holds the viewer in his gaz…More

Mummy or Meanie

This was the most relaxing painting I have ever done and every time I look at it I recall the pleasure it gave me and hopefully soon my grandson also. I love what appears to be a mixed media painting…More


I have tried to paint its body, with the least number of values, in contrast with the high difference of values between the body and the grass around. I have tried to express the comfortable position…More

My Hippity Hoppity Cat

Navel is very lovable and affectionate. Everyone loves him. He is very mellow and cool and social. He is not one to hide from people. His favorite spot is laying next to me, on top of me... and even …More

Kitten on Wicker Chair

Cute.. the kittens all cuddled up.. I think the backdrop was a good color. The composition was perfect. It was fun to paint. The painting is hanging on a wall in our home. It was also challenging be…More

My Little Monster

I have succeeded to give a special atmosphere in this painting: a little bit terrifying because of the green color of the background, the tormented uneven rock, the yellow and blue pelt, and, at last…More


It's my Misty... we got her when I was ten, Nov '93... we had to put her down a couple Christmases ago so this painting will always be very close to my heart... We have it hanging in our living room …More

Bard Emissary

This piece has an inner glow that is radiant and more than I deliberately painted! It's dead center, defying all laws of composition - the eye still moves well throughout the image, due to the other …More

Bob's Buffalow

It's over one meter big, in oils. I tried to get the solidness of the animal in the dry bush. Not too original this front on portrait, but hey, what other positions do these monster 'dagga boys' do? …More


It was done quickly (35 minutes), no drawing, straight onto a one meter cardboard with a small sponge roller and acrylics. From my heart, through my left arm, onto the card with love! I think I caugh…More

Cougar Cub

What caught my attention on this cub was his blue eyes. I love doing baby animals and try as hard as I can to make their eyes say something. I believe I had done that with this baby cougar cub. I hav…More

Bo Hagley

I love horses because they are very muscular and I can really define that in my painting. They are very powerful, and beautiful animals. This painting is hanging in my living room right now. Both of …More

Blue Jay in Winter by Nicole

I am from Canada and winter is a part of us. I love bright colors and thought that a Blue Jay would be a nice project for me. I still have this painting with me and I find that it is really hard for …More

What Grapes?

It was painted summer of 2009, after our trip to the mountains. I used a photo, and the grapes were done from my imagination. Grapes are a popular subject in our area. No need to look at grapes, real…More

Spring Bird

Well, it does say spring to me, so that's a good thing! Also, the glazing turned out pretty good;not perfect, but good. It's the only painting I've done that focuses in on just the animal. It is on a…More

Good Kitty Hunting

The painting is still on the easel in the living room. When I am finished with the painting my oldest son will take it to his home. He loved Christopher too... both my sons loved this kitty, as did m…More

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