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Leaf Girl by Minna

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By Minna

Leaf Girl by Minna

Leaf Girl

Title and Mediums

Leaf Girl, 35 x 29,5 cm. On watercolour paper with pencil, water resistant ink pen, watercolours and oil pastels.

Artist's Statement

For this project I wanted to do something more creative than painting a photo, so I combined a picture of a girl with a plant that I have at home. I started by doing a quick drawing of the girl and her leafy hair with pencil and then thickened the lines with ink pens. I am not very familiar with either watercolours nor oil pastels, but I chose to use them in the project in order to get more texture.

I find that watercolours can be applied really thinly whilst oil pastels leave a thicker mark. I first applied a thin layer of watercolour over the entire painting and then started building up the picture with oil pastels. I finally added a slightly thicker layer of watercolours to the girl's hair. Overall this project was about trying new things to me.

Tips and Tricks

  • I don't know if I stopped too soon. I maybe should have worked the oil pastels a little longer. I didn't want to overwork the picture though.

Marion Boddy-Evans, About.com Painting, says:

Always better to stop too soon than too late! If you're unsure, rather stop and leave it overnight. If you're still unsure, consider starting another version and taking that one further to see where you end up; that way you've still the original if it goes somewhere you don't like.

If it were my painting, I'd be tempted to add another layer of leaves, in a lighter color, behind the dark leaves; let them overlap and intertwine in a few places. At the moment the contrast between the dark leaves and what's behind them feels rather stark or abrupt; another layer of leaves would create more of a transition.
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