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Reader Submissions: What's On Your Painting Easel?


What's on your painting easel right now? Take a photo and share it with us without tidying up first, which is what people tend to do before submitting photos for the artist's studios photo gallery. Let's see what your easel and painting space looks like while you're busy working, as you're in the middle of something. Feel free to submit photos regularly, as you move onto new paintings and artworks.

Mill Painting by Martha McWilliams

I put a new sky on one side of the painting to erase the landscaping already there so I could install something new. I changed the clouds because they were too busy to suit me. I was trying to be car…More

Bobcat in Tree by Martha McWilliams

I'm still working on the snow and am concerned about how much the mountains are bending with the snow on the tree, so I'm thinking about adding a blue glaze over the mountains and snow on the ground …More

Clouds and Trees by JR Jarvis

I'm working on images for an art instruction book "Ink Line & Wash Drawing" It includes: still life, landscapes, portraits and illustrations. I am hoping to produce a 'definitive work' on the subject…More

Pug Painting by Mary Birch

Also working on some watercolours. The exterior of a bar on a quaint street in Valldemossa, Spain. Just completed a pretty chicken that I saw at our local fair. Have a large oil canvas on the go for …More

Leopard Painting by Pat Grant

I am finishing this piece for an up-coming wildlife show. I still haven't decided on what type of background to use but I will photograph it and play with the background in a photopaint program. Nor…More

Ögyen Menlha by Tsalgyur

I've really enjoyed painting this image. It took months just to complete the line drawing. I use a magnifying lamp to paint the details to get as much accuracy as possible. The tricky part was gettin…More

Man in Himself by Jahban Christ

What I'm trying to study at this point is how successfully I could bring out details of this performer's body with the painting knife, or whether I introduce the brush to help me out with details. As…More

I Want to Live by John

I'm using water color and pencil. What I'm trying to achieve is an idea of how this tree lives in the sun, a lot of it. It's amazingly beautiful to me here in what is actually a desert. I'm having a …More

Vases, Candle and Tangerines by Artonabike

Just doing finishing touches, brushing up the shadows. Painting is virtually finished except for some finishing touches. I will varnish it when dry in about six months time, and possibly do a compani…More

My Busy Easel by Robyn Abrey

I have three nudes on the go and two paintings in a series of Afghan-Life Inspired works I am excited about completing. The Nudes still need a few adjustments in the body/form area and then I have to…More

Divine Flowers by Baljit Chadha

Trying to create a world record. All these paintings were made since 2009, till today. I lived in Japan and learnt suisai (watercolors). I take photographs of flowers and then conver them into abstra…More

Date Night by Suz Henley

I have several paintings going on a once. I tend to go from one subject to another. Still life and simple objects are some of my favorites to paint. I like to use everyday household objects and make …More

Shoe Rain by Earosemena

I've based my concept in the romance that women, (including me) have with shoes. I'm happy with my results so far. What I envision is translating to my satisfaction on canvas. I still have some work …More

Reclining Lady by Murray Moore

This is the only painting I have going at the present time. I would like to paint a couple of landscapes I have in mind, one is an old farm house that just really caught my eye, and maybe an old barn…More

Walk With Me by Rafaela

I am painting from a photo, it is my grandchildren holding hands while walking on the beach. I want to capture the closeness of these two children. They always look out for each other however, they s…More

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