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Moses, Moses

Share Your Story: Worst-Ever Paintings

By stephen solo

Moses, Moses

Moses, Moses

Why I Painted It

I wanted to do a painting that showed Moses when he came upon the burning bush. I thought that glazing would work wonderful for the bush, and set about creating a modern masterpiece, a work of art that would elicit "oohs and aahs" from everybody, including the local clergy.

What I Dislike About This Painting

Well, look at it! Fortunately, the photo disguises the fact that the sheep look like little horses when looking at the actual painting. And Moses! The poor guy was so shocked at the sight of the bush that every joint in his body locked up! Not to mention set him back on his heels!

I titled it "Moses, Moses", as God spoke to Charlton Heston... you know what I mean. Instead, I see it and say to myself 'Moses, Moses", with pity for the poor ugly, non-jointed guy he turned out to be.

It now is in a stack of old uglies that will probably be covered with fabric and used as a tack board...I hope!

What I'd Do Differently

  • Sign someone elses name!
  • Perhaps give the poor man some joints.
  • Let the sheep be sheep.
  • Taught me a lesson, that many of my "practice" pieces are some of my most beautiful works, and most of my pre-determined masterpieces are just horrible!
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