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Sherwood Evening

Submit an Entry: Your Favorite 2009 Painting

By MargaretShaw

Sherwood Evening

Sherwood Evening

What I Used for This Painting

It’s a watercolour on 1401b / 300gsm paper and is about 10 x 8 inches / 27 x 21 cm.

Why This Painting is My Favorite

This is the first picture that I completed without instruction that I was proud enough to mount and frame and put forward for exhibition. My godchild, Laura (to whom I am very close) really liked it and asked if she could have it. It’s based on a photo I took on one holiday we went on together and she made it clear that the picture was very special to her. I told her that the picture had been sold in the exhibition (it hadn’t). I hid the picture away and then three months later on her 21st birthday gave it to her as one of her presents. The look on her face when she opened it was well worth the little deceit and the picture now sits in her room on the wall over the bed.

Lessons Learned

  • That if I really concentrated I could produce something decent and this spurred me on to really start to develop my skills.
  • I still love doing sunsets but having a go at all sorts of things is producing other good results.

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