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Faces in the Crowd

Submit an Entry: Your Favorite 2009 Painting

By jbqdgq

Faces in the Crowd

Faces in the Crowd

What I Used for This Painting

"Faces in the Crowd" is 11x14 inches on Canvas Board. I used Acrylics.

Why This Painting is My Favorite

I painted this after asking for help in painting rain on the Painting Forum. I got some good information and was able to do a painting I like. I have done a couple other 'umbrella' paintings and hope, over time, to have a series.

Lessons Learned

  • Sitting on my patio watching rain I wondered, how could I paint that. I asked on the forum and got some suggestions. I learned that there are people ready and willing to help. There is lots of great knowledge available.

Marion Boddy-Evans, About.com Painting, says:

The About.com Painting Forum is indeed a great place to get help with a painting, and in all likelihood the question you ask will also help someone who's too shy to ask.

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