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Reader Submissions: What's Your Art Studio or Painting Space Like?


Do you have a dedicated art studio or do you use a corner of a room as a painting space? How do you organize your art supplies, keep your brushes, and store your paintings? Share a photo of your studio to give us a glimpse of your creative space.
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More Photos of Studios

Jerry Fresia's Studio in Italy

I have a closet and shelf space in the studio in which I store supplies. I also have two studio easels which I use and a Soltec folding easel which I also use for smaller paintings or when I paint ou…More

Anne's Little Studio

I have a drawing table and a comfortable office chair to sit on. I have a table easel which I use for everything, and a large table for framing and matting pictures and cutting watercolor paper. My a…More

Art Studio of Goerge La Mont

I have three working easels in the studio. One free standing with table and shelf and two table top easels on a 6 foot table. All materials are stored in the studio: canvas on shelves and floor; fram…More

Gainess' Little Corner Studio

In my studio I have all the comforts I need to de-stress: a couch, a TV for watching "how-to" art DVD's, several lights, an "H-frame" easel, a three-drawer chest for storing paints, brushes and palet…More

Stephen's Studio

You can see the easel, a gift from my wife the first week I started painting. A few tables for supplies and misc 'stuff' for stained glass and other media. I also have a mobile tool box to store pain…More

Ad Hoc Studio in Dining Room

I like to be able to see everything I have, even if I'm not using it, so I tend to have odd or exotic pots, bows, chests, platters and trays with all my goodies decorously displayed. I like to hunt f…More

Len Hand's Painting Studios

In the Chiang Mai studio the easel is a fixture of my own invention. I stand while working and move the canvas up down or sideways on my 'floating' easel, so that I may film my brush in action. It is…More

Robert James Jacks' Dedicated Studio

In addition to my table, easel, and supplies, I have a large metal cabinet for storing equipment, a French easel for plein air painting, and supplies. Also a computer for emails to and from my artist…More

Creative Space of Look4meandc

I have moved this studio up to third and down to first floors, my son has moved in and out, and that is why. I really need to organize my life style, and stop seeing potential in all that I come acro…More

Tiny Corner of Heaven by Kearsten

My studio right now is not organized at all. I just recently began painting again, its been over ten years since I've picked up a brush. I love the PVC pipe idea and will be making my own in a few da…More

Wilton Nelson's Painting Porch

The windmill easel was a windfall that resulted from giving up scuba diving around the world and selling the equipment to afford this expensive easel. A small table on the right is used to support th…More

Messy Studio of Mlb1452

Actually it is usually a mess particularly since I added a 100 year old etching press and a large cast iron block press. I have a flat file for drawings and a storage rack for frames and canvas's and…More

Studio in Studio Apartment of JudyL

My supplies are stored in a four-drawer Sterlite unit and on an adjoining three-shelf unit. The top is covered with foamboard and freezer paper to protect the surface. I use a tabletop easel, but man…More

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