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Reader Stories: Artists Signatures: See How Artists Sign Their Paintings (And Share Yours)


Adding your signature to a painting not only identifies you as the artist, it's like adding a sign you're satisfied with the painting and no longer consider it a work in progress. How and where artists add their signatures is a matter of personal preference, and rarely stays the same throughout the artist's career. It's fascinating to see the styles and differences. Browse through the list below to see other artists signatures, and share what you do.

Daniel's Signature

As a homage to my all-time painting idol, Vincent van Gogh, I sign my paintings first name only. Since I paint in acrylic, I use acrylics to sign. But the color of the signature varies, depending on …More

Lolajmay's Signature

Full name, with just last two numbers of year. I always sign the same, using whatever medium is in the painting. I use a contrasting color from the work to sign. I have had clients make sure I sign a…More

Signature as a Design Element

It really must be seen. I create a hawk out of the J, with the hook at the top and the "leg" forming a wing, then I finish the rest of my first name - Justin. Next, I cross the T starting at the head…More

Initials, Month and Year

I always use my (three) initials done in chromatic black watercolor, which I mix in batches using equal parts of Prussian Blue, Alizarin Crimson and Burnt Umber. I include the date I painted it expre…More


VII. my actual name is Shane but I have had a long, colorful life and to me the 7 symbolizes my 7th reinvention of myself. It reminds me of where I came from, and where I hope to go. I started life a…More

On Top of Red

I sign my paintings with my full name. If I sign on the front of a painting, then I almost always sign in red (occasionally black or rarely silver). Regardless of whether it is signed on the front or…More

Julz's Signature

I have started to write a letter J for Julz and draw a little bird since my surname is Bird.I have started to paint my signature with one of the colours in the painting so that it does not stand out …More

Lindamahina's Signature

I use my initial and surname, using the same medium as the painting in a colour that will blend in with the painting, eg same colour but a lighter tone than the background. On my white on black (usin…More

Lokerose's Signature

My middle name, which I use in my everyday life. I always sign in the same way and use a paint that is on my palette that contrasts subtlety with the area that I'm signing. I have used a "Sharpie" on…More

London's Signature

I sign my paintings with my first name only, but in a creative way. I use symbols and creative letters to spell, "London". I used to sign it differently, but since I changed it initially, I've never …More

Betty's Painting Signature

I use my first name initial with full last name in block style with paint that compliments the painting. I am still trying to find what is right for me. Current block style to me is too boring. I nee…More

Signature by Keri

I really had a dilemma or thought I did when I started painting again after marriage and decided to use only my first name. I use a Sharpie and lately metallic. Either silver or gold depending on the…More

Dylan's Signature

I put my first name, Dylan above my last name, Rohn. I write it very whimsically, playfully. The lower case "L" lines up with the "h" in a vertical fashion. They connect, like me as an individual to …More

Char's Painting Signature

I try to remember to sign them before I put my paints away and clean up. I like to use a version of the colors that have been used in the project, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker. I use my nickna…More

Ed Smiley's Painting Signature

Paint. First name, and last name that I commonly go by. (Not full legal name.) Color from or like the colors in the painting. If it pops out too much pick two colors from painting's palette, and use …More

How Audrey Signs

Just initials. Use corresponding color paint. Always sign it the same way. I use capital letters using first name Audrey (Initial A), middle initial (Capital A) and initial of last name (capital B): …More

Signature of EG

I print my initials - EG - with a paint brush, using one of the colours from the painting. I have experimented with various brushes and the most satisfactory one for this job is a small thin one. I t…More

How Imperia Signs

At the beginning I used to sign my full name and surname but for the last 15 years I started signing with the surname of one of my ancestors who lived in Gozo in 1670 that is De Spada. I write my sig…More

Len Hand's Painting Signature

I scratch into the wet paint with a sharp stick or the sharpened end of a fine brush.If the paint is dry I sign with a fine brush using a pale tone as the bottom corners of my paintings are always da…More

Susan Tschantz's Painting Signature

STschantz, my first initial and last name. Again, I signed it that way in business and it is simply natural after 40 years. I usually work the siggie into the painting, using colors in the painting. …More

Painting Signature of Martha McWilliams

I use one initial and the first two letters of my last name and sign it with a permanent, very fine Sharpie, in black ink. Occasionally I have used a different related shade of the background color i…More

Painting Signature of Ray W Brown

I only use my full name (Ray W Brown), and always do it the same way using paint and a brush. I have researched other ways of doing this (using a pen and water-proof ink, a "Sharpie" pen, etc), but g…More

Pastel Artist Jean Russell

Initials in a simple symbol form. I'm a pastel artist - picked up idea from one of my teachers to sign in graphite pencil. In most cases it is barely visible and does not disturb the look of the pain…More

Desmond Lawrence Cohen's Painting Signature

My middle name "Lawrence". Done with a brush in my normal handwriting style. Oil paintings I often sign in a complementary color to the most predominant color that I have used in that painting. Alter…More

Signing with Initials and Surname

JASelman ..I always sign my work in the same manner: with the first three initials of my name in capital letters and the rest in lower case letters. I've used paint as well as ink to sign but prefer …More

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