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Share Your Story: Artists Signatures: See How Artists Sign Their Paintings (And Share Yours)

By schmidtmba

Do You Add a Date to Your Paintings

I add the year because I can't remember things otherwise.

Do You Put Your Contact Details on the Back

Haven't yet but might start now that it is suggested.

Where Do You Sign Your Paintings

I sign lower left or lower right, usually right.

How Do You Sign Your Paintings

I sign with my first name and the year, almost always in the lower right hand corner below whatever I am creating. I usually sign with a gel pen, love metallics and sparkly pens which I keep in a plastic shoe box, but I have used three-dimensional puff paint such as Scribbles (especially pearl or metallic colors) depending on my art work. I match the color with the painting colors so it's complimentary but not obtrusive, obstructive or detracting to the art work. I want it to be seen but not stand out and take away from the art.


  • I like the idea of adding more info to the back of the painting. I keep a binder with all my pages of what I used in the paintings so I can remember these things. On binder paper I list the picture theme (hummingbird, hibiscus flower, aprons, lunch bags, etc.) As I paint with the colors, brand and type of paint, regular or metallics, type of metallic pen used, and even the size brush. This is my more detailed record with the month, day and date rather than just the year. I then put these pages back to back in plastic inserts, then into a binder for reference. I sometimes even add a scanned photocopy picture.
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