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Best 7 Brands of Water Mixable Oil Paints

A list of the available brands of water mixable oil paints.


Water-mixable oil paints are designed to thin and clean up with water, so they're a good option if you want to paint with oils but avoid working with solvents. Every artist will have their own preferred brand of water mixable oil paints, based on things such as color range, availability, and price, but don't stick with a brand simply because it was the first you bought. I recommend doing a paint comparison test of a similar color in various brands to see how you feel about each.

Royal Talens Water Mixable Oils: Cobra

Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint
Photo ©2011 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.
Cobra water-mixable oil paints are produced by Royal Talens. It comes in two variations, Artist and Study, which are artist's quality and student quality respectively. The artist's range has 70 colors, including 32 single-pigment colors, across four price bands. The student's has 40 colors, all one price band. (Cobra Color Chart). Glazing and impasto mediums. (Cobra was previously branded Van Gogh H2Oil.)

I've found Royal Talens wipes and washes from a brush really easily with water -- great for cleaning up. There's practically no smell from the paint. Colors are intense, and the paint not too sticky. Having the two ranges gets it first spot in this list.

Holbein Water Mixable Oils: Duo Aqua

Photo of Holbein Duo Water Soluble Oil Colors
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Holbein Duo Aqua Oil Colors are formulated to be diluted with water and to dry faster than traditional oils. Duo Aqua is the only brand which says it can be mixed with acrylics, watercolor and gouache as well as with traditional oil paint. It's this versatility which puts it first on this list. As with other brands, once you mix it with about a third of traditional oil paint, it'll no longer be water soluble. Range of 100 colors. Mediums include quick-drying and glazing.

Reader Gary S says: "Holbein's Duo Aqua is buttery and indistinguishable from standard oil paint. If Duo Aqua paints were universally available, I think many more artists would have favorable opinions of water-soluble oils."

Winsor & Newton Water Mixable Oils: Artisan

Water mixable oil paint
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The water-mixable oil paints produced by Winsor & Newton are branded Artisan. There are 40 colors available, priced in two series (W&N color chart). Artisan can be mixed with traditional oil paint, or painted on top of acrylics. W&N advise against mixing it with acrylic paint. Mediums include fast-drying, glazing, and impasto.

I asked W&N where they'd place Artisan, and was told: "Purely based on the high grade of raw materials Artisan could be considered an artists' grade, however, the inclusions of hues and the shorter palette [colors available] means that Artisan can in fact be considered somewhere between an artists' and students' grade and is therefore priced accordingly."

I've not used Artisan much, but have found it seems stickier from the tube than most other paints.

Grumbacher Water Mixable Oils: Max

Grumbacher Max is made from the same pigments and linseed oil as Grumbacher's traditional, professional oil paints, and drying times are similar. Available in 60 colors. Can be mixed with traditional oil paint and mediums. Quick-drying and linseed oil mediums.

Lukas Water Mixable Oil Paint: Berlin

Berlin is a brand of water-mixable oil paint produced by Lukas, with drying time comparable to Lukas' oil paints. There are 24 colors available (Lukas color chart)

Weber Water Mixable Artist Oil Colors: wOil

sOil is produced by Martin/F Weber Co, which produces Bob Ross oil paints. Around 30 colors available. Drying time is slightly faster than traditional oils.

Reeves Water Mixable Oils

If you fancy the idea of water-soluble oil paint and want to try it without spending very much, consider a small set of Reeves' water mixable oils. Then if you like it, you can upgrade.

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