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How to Paint Reflections in Water, Using Watercolor Paints


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Three Ways to Paint Reflections in Water
How to Paint Reflections in Water

Three Way to Paint Reflections in Water

Image: © Andy Walker

This watercolor painting tutorial shows you three ways to paint reflection in water. I've used the same picture for all three approaches so you can easily compare results. The aim is to learn different ways of painting water, so that you can either vary the way you approach it or just choose the method you like best.

I’ve picked a picture of a windmill as the subject for this exercise because this is just that bit more interesting than a normal house, and there is the added complication of the sails with their angles to get right!

To complete the exercise you'll need the following:

  • Sheet of watercolor paper
  • Pencil (for drawing the windmill, or tracing it)
  • Watercolor paints
  • Watercolor brush
  • Water for rinsing your brush
  • Clean cloth or tissue for wiping your brush

Let's get started!

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