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Watercolor FAQs

Find the answers to commonly asked questions about painting with watercolors and watercolor pencils in this painting problem solver.

Q: How Do I Remove Brown Gummed Tape From Stretched Watercolor Paper?
Find out how to remove dried brown gummed tape from a stretched piece of watercolor paper (or not).

Q: Why Does Watercolor Pigment End Up at the Edges?
How to solve the problem of watercolor pigment migrating to the edges of a shape.

Q: What Colors Would You Recommend for a Watercolor Palette?
Find out what colors I would choose for a basic watercolor palette.

Q: Can I Use a Hair Dryer to Dry a Watercolor Painting Faster?
Is it okay to use a hair dryer to speed up how quickly a watercolor painting dries, or is it going to end in disaster?

Q: How Long Does Watercolor Masking Fluid Take to Dry?
Find out how long it ought to take watercolor masking fluid to dry, and why it may be taking longer.

Q: How Do I Use Watercolor Canvas?
Find out whether using watercolor canvas involves any special techniques.

Q: Which Way Up Should I Leave a Brush to Dry?
Which way up should you leave a watercolor brush to dry?

Q: How Do I Paint Moss or Mold in Watercolor?
Find out what the easiest way is to paint moss or mold using watercolor.

Q: How Do I Paint Mist in Watercolor?
Find out how you'd go about painting realistic mist in watercolor. Hint: There's an easy way to cheat.

Q: I Can't Find Gummed Brown Tape, What Do I Do?
What should you do if you can't find gummed brown tape to use to stretch your watercolor paper? Find out in this Watercolor Painting Problem Solver.

Q: How Do I Make a Deckle Edge on Watercolor Paper?
What is a deckle edge on watercolor paper, and how do you make one? Find out in this Watercolor Painting Problem Solver.

Q: Why Are Pencil Marks Hard to Remove From a Watercolor?
Why are pencil marks so hard to remove from a watercolor painting?

Q: What Can I Do About a Grease Stain on a Sheet of Paper?
If you've a spot of grease on a sheet of watercolor paper, is it ruined, or can it be rescued?

Q: How Do I Soften Hard Watercolor Tube Paint?
Find out how to solve the problem of hard watercolor tube paint.

Q: What is the Most Difficult Thing to Learn in Watercolor?
Easy to learn but hard to master, that's how watercolor is often described. But what's the hardest thing to do? Here's what various watercolorists think.

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