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Monthly Painting Projects

Explore new subjects and techniques by tackling these painting projects


The intention of these painting projects was to encourage you to explore new subjects and techniques, to challenge yourself. Note that submissions to all have now closed though the instructions remain. My thanks to everyone who participated in all these projects over all the years, enthusiastically and generously sharing your paintings. It was fascinating and inspiring seeing all the styles and interpretations! I learnt a lot through them and I know from emails received that many others have too.

Last Painting Project: Underpainting & Glazing

The challenge of painting project involves underpainting and glazing. Delayed color gratification! Read instructions...

Previous Painting Projects:
Opaque Colors: Portraits
Inside a Forest
Big Brush Painting
Knife Painting (Open Subject)
Knife Painting: Essence of a Season
Clouds and Cloudy Skies
Changing Seasons
Portrait of a Flower (with photos of setup)
Painting Done from Sketches or Studies (open subject)

February Painting Project: Love Symbolism

Photo of painted Valentine's card
Photo © Marion Boddy-Evans

This challenge of annual painting project was to create a painting or card to give to someone you love. Read project instructions...

Previous February Painting Projects:
Scribble Painting
Expressive Self-Portraits
Expressive Figures
Expressive Portraits

April/May Painting Project: Abstracted

Painting projects abstracts
Seeing Red by © Marion Boddy-Evans

This time of year takes us into abstraction.

Previous Painting Projects:
Landscape Abstracts
Geometric Abstracts
Abstracting Flowers
Abstracting Nature I and Abstracting Nature II
Abstracting a City Scene
Abstracting an Urban Scene

June/July Painting Project: Realism

Botanical specimen painting
© Jack Wild / Getty Images

Paint realism and observation from life rather than reference photos.

Previous Painting Projects:
Nature in Detail
Painting Done from Sketches or Studies ">
Impressionist Sun Painting Project
Urban Transportation
Unusual Angles
Realistic Water Drops
Children's Book Illustration
Summer Amusement

August Painting Project : Still Life

Still life painting with an apple
Photo ©2013 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.

The last still life project focused on composition, with a single object set in strong negative space.

Previous Still Life Painting Projects:
Single Object Still Life
Short and Tall
Paint Tube Still Life
Still Life with Two Objects
Still Life with Fruit
Still Life with Blue
Still Life With Red
Still Life Featuring a Chair

Miniature Painting Project

Miniature painting
Photo © Deb Griffin
September was miniatures month (see miniature landscape and miniature still life for inspiration)..

Buy Direct:
Blank Miniature Canvas
• Miniature Brush: Sable, Synthetic

Previous September Painting Projects:
Miniature Landscapes
Miniature Still Life with Five Objects
Miniatures (Open Subject)

October Project: In the Style of...

Photo © Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Taking inspiration from the paintings of some famous artist. Watch this space for details.

Previous October Painting Projects:
•; In the Style of Munch
Still Life in the Style of Morandi
In the Style of LS Lowry
In the Style of Matisse
In the Style of Whistler
Tribute to Van Gogh

November Painting Project: Mixing Media

Mixed media painting using ink and oil pastel.
Photo ©2011 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.
Using be mixed media.

Previous November Painting Projects:
Mixed Media (Open Subject) Project
Using Color Expressively (Like a Fauvist)
Mixed Media: Open Subject
Linocut Printing

Projects Involving Color

Opaque Color Painting Project
Photo © Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.
Opaque Colors
Three Colors
Chromatic Black
Limited Color Palette (lemon yellow, phthalo blue, burnt sienna)
A Color and Its Complementary
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