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Painting Project: Knife Painting


Seascape knife painting in progress
Seascape Painting (Work in Progress) © 2008 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc
Painting with a knife produces quite different results to painting with a brush. You spread and scrape the paint across the canvas or paper, rather like buttering a piece of bread, or press it onto the canvas, rather than brushing the paint on. You can scratch into it for sgraffito effects or use the very tip for small details or an edge for thin lines. It's easy to produce broad sweeps of color, and gives a very textured result. (Don't think that knives can't be used with watercolor; they can.)

The objective of this painting project is to create a impasto painting using a painting knife, making the most of this painting tool (not trying to replicate what you can do with a brush). The choice of subject is up to you, but if painting with a knife instead of a brush is new to you, select a subject with which you're already subject comfortable. Consider doing a knife version of an existing painting to allow you to concentrate on working with a knife.

For hints and tips to help with this project, read: Please note that new submissions for this project gallery are currently not being accepted. Check the list of monthly painting projects to see what this month's project is.
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