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Monochrome Painting Project

A project that explores painting with one color only.


Monochrome painting, or painting with just one color, isn't something used only for an underpainting to establish areas of light and dark. It can make for very moody paintings. It also clearly demonstrates that tone is as important as color in creating a satisfying painting.

Read the project instructions, browse through the gallery of completed project paintings, then get painting yourself.

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Monochrome Monthly Painting ProjectMonochrome Painting Project: InstructionsMonochrome painting projectWoodland by Janet SargentPainting Project : MonochromeIrmelin & Kristiane by Kristiane EikelandPainting Project : MonochromeThe Old Gas Station by Kristiane Eikeland
Monochrome Painting ProjectSunflower Market by Cathy GatlandMonochrome painting project Bitter Cold by Linda AtkinsonUntitled in Ultramarine Blue by Cindy CarlsonShisha by Cairomum
Monochrome Painting ProjectMonochrome WC Parrot by Joe VolkelMonochrome Painting ProjectUltramarine Portrait by Cdelia CastellanoMonochrome Painting Project -- Seascape in phalo blueMonochrome Seascape by Graham HowseMonochrome painting projectPortrait of a Friend by Papaya
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