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December Painting Project: Make Your Own Holiday and Christmas Cards

Challenge yourself with this painting project.


There's nothing like receiving a card in the post to make you feel special -- and even more so when it's one made by a friend featuring their art. This project challenges you to make your own Christmas or holiday cards to send out.

Read the project instructions, browse through the gallery of completed project paintings (which includes cards from previous years), check out the Christmas Reference Photos and list of techniques for making cards, then get painting! Submissions to this gallery should be made using this online form.
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Monoprint Christmas cardsChristmas / Holiday Cards Project: InstructionsPoinsettia paintings"Red Poinsettia 2009" by Frances TannerCat Christmas card painting in pastels2009: "Cali" by Kathleen GodshallWhite deer watercolor painting2009: "White Deer" by Kathleen Godshall
Fat Bird painting2009: "Cozy Fat Bird" by Stacey ZambettiChristmas card painting2009: "Christmas Cookies" Nan HenkeSt Mary's Church Minoa New York watercolor painting2009: "St Mary's Church" by Donna FarrellChristmas card mixed media2009: "Another Christmas in the Legion" by Adin Olteanu
Winter's night linocut Christmas card2009: "A Winter's Night" by Kathleen DuffyChristmas cactus2009: "Christmas Cactus" by John QuinlanChristmas card painting project 20092009 Christmas Cards: By Wilton NelsonSpirit of Christmas painting2009 Christmas Cards: "In the Spirit of Christmas" by Alix Orton
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