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Self-Portrait by Infantino Fernandes

Painting Project: Expressive Self-Portraits


Self Portrait Painting Project

Self-Portrait by Infantino Fernandes. 60x45cm (23.5x18").

Photo © Infantino Fernandes
From the Artist: I'm a contemporary sculptor from India. This is my first attempt ever at painting on canvas, so I decided to try my hand at a self portrait. I have taken up painting as another form of creative output and have ever since been practicing on pieces daily.

In this particular painting, I've tried to use unconventional color tones that are not usually associated with skin colors. I've tried to create a more bright and Van Gogh-like effect by using brush dabs rather than strokes.

From the Painting Guide: Unrealistic skin colors fit perfectly with this project, and create a painting that's got quite a different feel to one done with realistic skin tones. I think it conveys more personality, particularly in a self-portrait where the colors were those chosen by the person portrayed in the painting. Though, of course, doing so does set you up for comments from people who believe the only type of painting is that which looks "real".

Things to Consider When Looking at This Painting:
Background: I like the strong, saturated reds and yellows of your background, and the texture created. But it does compete somewhat for attention with the shoulders as it's very similar in tone and texture. I'm not sure if I would make the difference greater, or blend the edges of the shoulders into the background more so the face itself gains more prominence.
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