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February 2008 Painting Project: Expressive Self-Portraits

Challenge yourself with this painting project.


The aim of this this painting project was to create a self-portrait in an expressive style (rather than a realistic or photographic style) or a self-portrait showing a strong facial expression. The reason for doing a self-portrait rather than a portrait of someone else is because you can study your facial features for as long and as close as you wish without having to consider the model.
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Painting Self-PortraitsInstructions: Expressive Self-Portraits Painting ProjectLimited palette painting projectSelf Portrait #2 by K.A. CooperSelf-Portrait PaintingAll Bark by Patti Vaz DiasLeaning on Memories of Summer by Katelyn Fry
Self-portrait paintingSelf-Portrait by Dave Armstrong Painting Self-PortraitsExpressionist Self by Derek JohnSelf portrait paintingDon't Shoot till You see the Whites of My Eyes by Marion NisbetSelf Portrait Painting ProjectSelf-Portrait by Infantino Fernandes
Self-Portrait paintingsColour Me Blue by Alpana VijSelf-Portrait PaintingOcean-Me by Jitske KellySelf portrait paintingThe Worrier by FuzzwadSelf portrait paintingSelf by Shari Sikes
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