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Seascape Painting: Creating White Foam
Seascape Painting Step by Step Demonstration

Seascape Painting

Once the sea and the sand were looking okay, the next step was to add some white foam, where the waves lap against the sand. I took the cloth I use for wiping my brushes (rather than a brush), put a little titanium white on my palette, dabbed the cloth into this, then touched it onto the canvas in short, sharp, tapping movement.

Where there was a lot of wet paint on the cloth, this produced a solid area of white; where there was just a little, it created a softer area. Keep dabbing with the cloth as the paint on it gets less and dries, to soften the effect.

Another option would've been to do this using a dry coarse brush with just a little paint on it. To do it that way you dab the brush into a little bit of thick paint, wipe off most of the paint either on the palette or on a cloth, then splay (spread) out the hairs before putting brush to canvas. Again, dab up and down with the brush onto the canvas, rather than spreading the paint across.

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