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Abstracted Seascape Step-by-Step Painting Demo


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Seascape Painting: Abstracted Rather Than Highly Realistic
Seascape Painting Step by Step Demonstration

Seascape Painting

The intention of this painting was to create a feeling of standing on the beach, looking out over some small waves lapping on the shore, to the wide horizon. That feeling you get when you're sitting on the sand, staring out, half day-dreaming and half watching the sea.

The painting was done using acrylics on a large landscape canvas, size 50x120cm / 20x47 inches. I used a wide (about 10cm), flat brush for the whole painting, except for the white of the foam, which was done with a cloth.

The colors used were: titanium white for the sea foam; transparent red oxide, quinacridone gold, and buff titanium for the sea sand; and cerulean blue, cerulean blue deep, chromium blue, phtalo blue red shade, cobalt turquoise for the sea. (If you're thinking this list reads like I just used every tube of blue paint I have, you wouldn't be far wrong. I think Prussian blue is the only blue I have that I didn't pick up.)

On to the first application of paint...

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