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Step by Step Painting Demonstration: White Horse


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Rework, Assess, Rework
Painting horses step by step demonstration
Image: ©2006 Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to About.com, Inc.

At this stage in painting, it's a question of painting, stepping back and assessing, and then reworking again. I'm working fast, using thin glazes of acrylic to build up an 'interesting white' on the face to match that of the body.

The eye has been reworked slightly, lengthening the eyelashes and adding a white sparkle in it. Note how the other eye is suggested by a tiny bit of black eyelash. It also helps create a sense of the form of the face (cover it with your finger and you'll see the face looks flatter).

What the face still lacks is a tiny bit of the orange in it, applied as a very thin glaze in selected places, not all over. But it must be totally dry before this is added, so the orange doesn't mix with the white.

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