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Step-by-Step Painting Demonstrations and Tutorials

A collection of step-by-step painting demonstrations and tutorials, showing the development of various paintings including an abstract and self-portrait.
  1. Free Painting Video Demos (46)

Painting a Background for a Portrait
This sequence of step-by-step photos demonstrates how to paint a background for a portrait.

Tiny Painting Demo: Urban Abstraction
A step-by-step painting demo showing the creating of a tiny painting featuring an urban abstraction.

Knife Painting Tutorial: Rocky Seascape
A step-by-step tutorial of a sea painting done with a knife.

Painting Demo: Fantasy Orange Trees
Follow the creation of a fantasy or surreal woodland painting with creatures among the trees.

Step-by-Step Painting Demos
Follow the creation of paintings from start to finish in this list of all my step-by-step demos.

Step-by-Step Demo: Sea Painting
Watch a sea painting unfold from start to finish in this step-by-step painting demonstration.

Sea Painting Demonstration: Breaking Wave
Follow the creation of a sea painting featuring a close-up of a breaking wave, in this step-by-step painting demonstration.

Tree Painting Step-by-Step Demonstration: Forest in the Style of Klimt
This step-by-step tree painting demonstration shows the creation of a painting of a forest done in the style of Klimt, from start to finish.

Step-by-Step Chinese Painting Demonstration
Watch a beautiful landscape Chinese painting develop in this step-by-step Chinese painting demonstration by artist Zhaofan Liu.

7 Steps to a Successful Painting
An explanation of the seven steps to a successful painting, by Canadian artist Brian Simons. Though this method of painting may seem quite simple and unsophisticated, it works.

Monet Painting: A Step-by-Step Demonstration of Painting a Monet
Follow artist Karen Day-Vath as she paints a scene from Monet's garden at Giverny.

How to Paint Abstracts from a Photo
How to paint abstracts using a reference photograph as a starting point and source of inspiration.

Pastel Painting Step-by-Step Seascape Demonstration
Follow the development of a pastel painting of a seascape from start to finish in this step-by-step demonstration.

Wildlife Painting Step-by-Step Demo: Orangutan
See how wildlife artist Leigh Rust creates a pastel painting of an orangutan from start to finish.

Wildlife Painting Step-by-Step Demo: Chameleon
Follow the development of a painting of a chameleon step by step in this wildlife painting demonstration.

Wildlife Painting Step-by-Step Demonstration: Zebra
Watch the development of a painting of a zebra in this 10 step wildlife painting demonstration.

Step-by-Step Painting Demonstration: White Horse
Follow the development of a painting of a white horse, step by step.

Figure Painting Step by Step: "Blues"
Follow the development of a figure painting entitled "Blues" step by step, from the initial washes to the finished painting.

Step by Step Abstract Art: "Universal Ties"
Abstract art is not the kind of art Karen Day-Vath had foreseen herself creating, but her painting has developed in that direction and the results have been well received. Here Karen provides insight into how she creates one of her pieces of abstract art, entitled "Universal Ties", step by step.

Painting Demo: Abstracted Seascape Using Limited Color Palette
A step-by-step painting demonstration showing a seascape being created with a limited color palette (four colors only).

Painting Glazes with Acrylics Step-by-Step Demo
A step-by-step demonstration of painting glazes with acrylics to build up color.

Abstracted Seascape Painting Step by Step Demo
Follow the development of a seascape painting step by step in this demonstration.

Cityscape Painting Step by Step: Venice
Painting cityscapes: follow the development of a cityscape painting, of Venice, from start to finish.

Self Portrait: A Step-by-Step Demo
If you can't paint a decent portrait of yourself, how can you hope to paint a portrait of someone else? Follow an attempt at self portrait in this step-by-step demo.

Abstract Painting Step by Step: Heat 1
Abstract Painting: A step-by-step demonstration of painting an abstracted landscape titled ‘Heat’, using reds, oranges, and yellow.

Abstract Landscape Painting: Penpont Hills
Developing an idea for an abstract landscape painting, from an inspirational photo taken in southwestern Scotland.

Landscape Painting Step by Step : Quiver Tree
This landscape painting is one of a series which came out of a trip made to Namaqualand. Follow me through the quiver tree painting step by step...

Step by Step Sketching
Is there a right way or a wrong way to sketch? Take a look at how two different artists sketch a scene in this step by step sketching demonstration.

Painting a Series
What makes a group of paintings a series and why would you paint a series?

Pages From My Painting Sketchbooks
Take a look at some of the pages from my pocket sketchbook.

Painting Cats: Step by Step Demonstration
Follow the development of a painting of a cat, step by step.

Collection of Small Chinese Painting Demos
This collection of Chinese painting demonstrations doesn't have any text, just photos of the paintings as they develop. The subjects are small, such as a ladybird and dragonfly. It makes it look deceptively simple!

Abstract Expressionist Painting Demo by Paul Godden
Follow artist Paul Godden step by step as he creates an abstract expressionist painting, from blank canvas to the final silver dots.

Painting a Realistic Apple
A step-by-step demonstration of how to paint a realistic apple.

Sunset Painting Demo
In this sunset demo, I explain my thought processes and reasons for doing things at each stage during the painting process.

How to Use Watercolor Crayons for Figure Painting
In this demo I show how to use water-soluble crayons to capture the essence of a figure.

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