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Stencils and Decorative Painting

Tips, how-tos, and step-by-step demos on decorative painting and stencilling, plus links to all my free printable stencils.
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10 Tips for Stenciling
These practical tips will help you get great results every time you're stenciling.

How to Cut a Stencil
Cutting your own stencils does require a little patience, but is easy to do. The satisfaction of having cut it yourself and then stenciled with it is immense!

How (and Why) to Use a Stencil Brush
A stenciling brush is an inexpensive bit of specialist equipment that makes the job simpler and faster.

How to Use Floor Stencils
Find out how you can decorate a room quickly and easily using floor stencils.

How to Attach Stencils to Pumpkins
Use these easy-to-follow instructions to find out how to attach a stencil to a pumpkin so it's easy to paint or carve.

How to Prepare for Saw Blade Painting
Find out how to prepare a saw blade for painting, and what paints to use.

How to Paint a Wall Mural
Practical tips on how to paint a wall mural, what paints to use, and how to prepare the surface for your design.

Painting a Mural for a Church
Artist Julie Lamons takes us through the painting of a large wall mural for a church from initial concept to finished mural. Illustrated with step-by-step photos.

How To Prepare Slippery Surfaces for Decorative Painting
If the paint won't stick to the surface, you can't decorate it. These practical tips explain how to deal with this.

Painted Faux Stained Glass Project: Cardinal and Magnolia
Learn how to paint a faux stained glass design of a cardinal and magnolia with these step-by-step instructions. There's a free design to print!

American Colonial or Heritage Paint Colors for Stencilling
How to match the colors that were traditionally used in American Colonial era when painting stencils using modern paints.

Share a Photo of Your Favorite Mural
Have you painted a mural you're particular proud to have finished? Why not share photos of your murals, and get inspiration from the work by other artists. See submissions

The Basics of Rubber Stamping
An introduction to this craft, and the techniques involved, from About.com's Guide to Rubber Stamping.

Make Custom Stamps from Art Gum Erasers
About.com's Guide to Rubber Stamping, Kate Pullen, explains how to cut your own stamp design using an eraser. Perfect for fabric stamping!

Glass Painting Basics
An introductory article to the basics of glass painting (from Michaels arts and crafts). Scroll to the bottom for various tips.

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