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Art Models for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting (Book and DVD)

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Art Models for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting by Maureen and Douglas Johnson

Art Models for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting by Maureen and Douglas Johnson

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The Bottom Line

Art Models is a book and/or disk containing photos of models in an array of poses. If you're wanting to paint life figures but can't afford a live model, this is the next-best thing.


  • The book contains 500 photos, the disk more than 3,000 photos.
  • Two or four views for each pose in the book; 24 views for each pose on the disk.
  • Includes both modern and classical poses (e.g. Venus), seated and standing.
  • Soft lighting of the models allows you to see detail in the shadows.


  • Obviously not for people who dislike nudity, being a book and disk of photos of nude models.
  • Would be nice to have a greater mix of races in the models.
  • Some "modesty screening" applied to female models in the book (not disk) to lessen sexy appearance.


  • Book (either hardback or paperback), 160 pages, published by Live Model Books.
  • Optional companion disk (DVD-ROM) contains 3,000 high resolution JPG photos. 24 views for each pose.
  • Photos on disk can be viewed in your favorite program, or create a loop for a 360 degree rotation.
  • Free preview pages (PDF format) and photos available on the Live Model Books website.
  • You can order a customised disk of your preferred poses and models, or photos of new models.

Guide Review - Art Models for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting (Book and DVD)

If you've only got a small studio, or a limited budget, it can be hard to work with a live model regularly, which is where something such as Art Models becomes invaluable. It's a book of color photos of life nudes, with an optional accompanying disk containing more angles of each pose.

The book provides four quarter-page photos of a pose, while the disk has much large .jpgs you can open in your preferred photo viewer, with 24 photos for each pose. The book and disk are arranged by model and the poses numbered, so it's easy to browse through the book to select a model and a pose, then find it on the disk.

The photos of the female models in the book have had a "bit of modesty screening" added "to achieve a less sexy appearance", but the photos on the disk have no blurring. The male models don't have any in either the book or disk.

There's an array of poses: standing, sitting, kneeling, and lying. Each has a name, from the classical Venus pose to Super Spider. Some poses are photographed from a both a level and a raised viewpoint. In some poses the models have a prop, such as a bow, and in a few the model is clothed. The photos were taken in lightning that is soft enough to show detail in the shadows, but to still cast shadows.

The copyright on the photos allows you to create "original artwork by hand". The publisher said this includes both painting with 'traditional' art materials and digital painting programs (such as Corel Painter).

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