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Art Magazine: "American Art Collector"

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American Art Collector Magazine

American Art Collector Magazine, www.americanartcollector.com

The Bottom Line

If you're an artist isolated from the mainstream contemporary art world, don't have the opportunity to venture into galleries often, or find them too intimidating, American Art Collector will give you a feel for what's happening in the US, which galleries are showing who, and prices living artist's can command. As the name says, it's aimed at collectors, but working artists who like seeing the work of others will enjoy it too and benefit from the 'Art Market Insight' features.


  • Gives you a feel for what's happening in the contemporary art world in the USA.
  • Shows what galleries are interested in, and previews exhibitions.
  • 'Art Market Insight' articles will help working artists understand the art world.
  • Useful for planning trips to see contemporary art, or simply an armchair trip.
  • Gives an indication of what an artist's work sells for by size and date of painting.


  • Aimed primarily at collectors of art, so deals with the upmarket side of things.


  • Published monthly, 192 page, glossy magazine.
  • Focuses on traditional fine art and painting.
  • Covers galleries in the major art destinations of the USA, coast to coast.

Guide Review - Art Magazine: "American Art Collector"

American Art Collector magazine is produced by the same publisher as what I consider the best artist's magazine, International Artist. American Art Collector describes itself as containing "previews of mainstream artists' upcoming shows coast to coast". So obviously it's of interest to art collectors, but I think working artists who like to see what other artists are doing will enjoy it too as it gives you an idea of what artists are creating and exhibiting. (If you're someone who believes that you shouldn't contaminate your own ideas and work by looking at what other artists are doing, stay well away from this magazine!)

The articles on the artists featured include quotes from the artist themselves, what collectors say about the artist, and the gallery's opinion. There's a Price Range Indicator box, which shows what you can expect to pay for work by that artist, whether it's a small, medium, or large painting. And for more established artist, there's also an indication of what works from a particular year might cost.

The articles in the 'Art Market Insights' section range from gallery owners sharing their observations and curators discussing trends to art consultants talking about placing paintings in homes and artists revealing their intentions behind their work.

Overall, I think American Art Collector provides an interesting armchair trip into at the contemporary art world, though as a working artist if I had to choose between the two, I'd pick International Artist.

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