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Recommended Art and Painting Books

Reviews of how-to painting books and accessible biographies of famous painters, with a personal assessment of their quality and suitability.
  1. Creativity Books (10)
  2. Acrylic Painting Book Reviews (2)
  3. Oil Painting Book Reviews (3)
  4. Pastel Painting Books (1)
  5. Watercolor Painting Books (6)
  6. Color in Art Books (9)
  7. Mixed Media Book Reviews (8)
  8. Biographies of Famous Artists (12)
  9. History of Painting Book Reviews (32)
  10. Painting Like the Masters Books (6)
  11. Art Books for Children (5)
  12. Art Technique & Styles Books (9)
  13. Books on Figure Painting (4)

The Artist's Handbook by Pip Seymour
A review of the book "The Artist's Handbook" by Pip Seymour, a reference I find indispensable.

The Painter's Handbook by Mark Gottsegen, Revised Edition
My review of the new and expanded edition of the classic artist's reference book by Mark David Gottsegen.

Top 10 Artist's Magazines
Your Painting Guide's choice of the best artist's magazines.

Top Books on Figure Painting and Drawing
A selection of recommended books for developing your figure painting skills.

Fabric Painting Books
A selection of books on fabric painting that I have found inspiring. Some include mixed media.

Top Games for Artists
Share your love of art with friends and members of your family by getting together to play an game that involves drawing or sculpting.

Best Art Books of the '00s
I could have only an armful of the best art books from all those published during the '00 years of the 21st century, these are what I'd choose.

Best Art Books of 2010
My choice of the very best art and painting books from all those I read and bought during 2010.

Favorite Art Books -- What's Your All-Time Favorite Painting …
What is your favorite art book? Share what you like about it here.

What Do the Star Ratings in Reviews Mean?
An explanation of what the one to five stars given in book and other product reviews mean.

Review: The Profitable Artist by Artspire
If you're looking for beginner's info on the career side of being a painter, this handbook co-published by the New York Foundation for the Arts deals with all the basics in an accessible style.

The Successful Artist's Career Guide
Read my thoughts on this book which aims to help you find your way in the business of art in my review.

Review: The Artist Gallery Partnership, A Practical Guide to Consigning Art
A review of a book that's an in-depth look at what's involved in consignment selling of your art with a gallery in the USA.

Drawing and Painting Horses by Eva Dutton
If you've been looking for a good book on how to paint horses, this could well be it!

Best 10 Art Books of 2008
My choice of the best art and painting books from 2008.

Review: Artist's Network TV
My view on whether a subscription to Artist's Network TV, which gives you downloadable how-to art demos, is worthwhile or not.

Best Art Books of 2012
My choice of the very best art and how-to painting books from all those I've read during 2012.

Art Books to Read in 2013
A reading list of art, painting and creativity books I shall be tackling in 2013 (and hope are good!).

Painting Today by Tony Godfrey
My review of the book "Painting Today" by Tony Godfrey, a survey of contemporary painting.

7 Books on the Painter James McNeill Whistler
I've never been able to resist a bookshop and when I get enthused by the work of a 'new' artist, I then have a new excuse to go browsing. As the painters of James McNeill Whistler began to appeal to me more and more, so I started reading more about him. This is a list of all the books on him now in my art library. Some are available new, some only secondhand.

The Artist's Studio, edited by Giles Waterfield
My review of the exhibition catalog "The Artist's Studio", edited by exhibition curator Dr Giles Waterfield.

Lists ... from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art
A review of the book of lists and other artist's enumerations from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art, by Liza Kirwin.

Hidden in the Shadow of the Master by Ruth Butler
My review of the book "Hidden in the Shadow of the Master" by Ruth Butler, on the model-wives of Cezanne, Monet, and Rodin.

The Little Red Book of National Gallery, London Moleskine
My review of the Little Red Book of the National Gallery in London, a Moleskine plus guide to the gallery.

A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel
A review of artist's Tom Phillips's altered book, "Humument".

Book Review: Photoshop Fine Art Cookbook
A review of a book for digital artists -- the 'Photoshop Fine Art Cookbook' by John Beardsworth, which explains how to create fine art effects from digital photographs.

Book Review -- 10 Years 100 Artists: Art in a Democratic South Africa
10 Years 100 Artists: Art in a Democratic South Africa. A review of a book in which 15 writers give their views on South African art after a decade of democracy.

Chuck Close Life, a Biography by Christopher Finch
Book Review of the biography of American artist Chuck Close written by Christopher Finch.

Book Review: Asian Art Now
A review of the book "Asian Art Now", written by Melissa Chu and Benjamin Genocchio, which is an accessible introduction to contemporary art in Asia.

Art Saves by Jenny Doh
My review of the book "Art Saves" by Jenny Doh, which will inspire and motivate you through the stories of other creative artists.

PleinAir Magazine
A magazine that's worth a look whether you do plein air painting or not.

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