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Planning an Art Gallery Exhibition

Advice and tips on exhibiting your art, from approaching a gallery, to writing a press release, and more.

What to Expect from Your First Art Exhibition
Find out what can you realistically expect to achieve with your first art exhibition, whether it's a solo exhibition or a group exhibition.

Getting Your Art Into a Gallery
Tips on knowing what galleries want, and how to approach them.

How to Approach an Art Gallery with Your Paintings
How to approach an art gallery with your paintings: tips for artists wanting to get an art gallery to represent them and sell their paintings.

11 Things You Need for an Art Exhibition Besides Your Paintings
While your paintings are obviously the most important, there are lots of other things you'll need too that you may not have thought about!

What Color is Best for the Walls of an Art Gallery?
Find out what the best color is for the walls of an art gallery or painting exhibition in this FAQ.

Video: How to Design Effective Business Cards
If you're intimidated by the thought of designing some business cards, this short video has some tips.

Writing a Press Release
Tips on writing a great press release, from About.com's Advertising Guide.

Drawing Up a Contract With a Gallery
Don't get so excited by a gallery agreeing to represent you that you forget to sign a contract. Get the terms down on paper now so there are no nasty surprises later. Check on this list to see what should be covered by the gallery contract.

Free Instant Press Release Creator
This is certainly worth a go, as a starting point, as it provides prompts for what you should put in, and you can have the result emailed to yourself.

Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) Member Galleries
Looking for representation in the US? More than 150 galleries are members of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA). This list provides the contact details for each, their specialty, and the artists they represent.

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