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How to Make a Container for Rinsing Oil/Acrylic Paint Brushes

A helpful painting tip from a fellow artist.

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From Jim Meaders

For oil painting I find small glass storage jars with hinged lids and a rubber seal (as in the photo below) at yard sales or discount stores. In the bottom I place a 'screen' to scrub the oil paint out of the brushes.

I have used several things for a 'screen': small mesh metal gutter guard cut into squares and tucked under to make hemispherical forms; metal window screen cut into squares and tucked and rolled into hemispherical forms; and my favorite, old kitchen strainers with the metal strainer part cut out and placed in the bottom of the jar.
A solvent container for cleaning oil paint brushes

This container allows waste oil paint to sink out of the solvent, to settle at the bottom below the mesh, out of reach of the brush you're rinsing clean.

For acrylic painting I save and ask others to save one gallon plastic milk or juice bottles. I then take scissors or a knife (scissors are safer) and cut a section out opposite the handle. This leaves enough bottle on the bottom to fill with one or two quarts of water, gives me a carrying handle, and makes for a sturdy, hard to turn over, constant supply of water to both wash the brushes in and to just keep the brushes in so the acrylic paint doesn't dry in them.

How to frame a canvas

This container for rinsing acrylic paint brushes is hard to knock over, yet can easily be carried around.

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