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How to Avoid Buying Duplicate Paint Colors

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This painting tip might be called "Read the pigment list on the tube!" I'd been trying out different oil paint blues to see what they look like and how I might use them in painting. Among the colors I purchased were Winsor and Newton's Thalo Blue Winsor, W&N's Indigo, and Gamblin's Cerulean Blue Hue. Let me itemize the pigments:

  • Winsor and Newton Thalo Blue: Copper Pthalocyanine
  • Winsor and Newton Indigo: Copper Pthalocyanine + Carbon Black (Ivory Black)
  • Gamblin Cerulean Hue: Copper Pthalocyanine + zinc oxide (zinc white)
Now, I'm not much of a learned color mixer, but I do believe I can mix a pigment with black or white which I always have in my paint box. Had I only purchased Thalo Blue, I could not only have easily made these other "colors," but I would have saved at least US$25. That can buy a lot of paint or canvases or chocolate. Now, I'm going through my 80-some odd tubes of mixed colors and see what else is really going on in there.
Tip from Tina Jones.

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