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Painting Tips

A growing collection of helpful painting tips submitted by fellow artists. Be sure to check the sub-topics list for painting tips organized by topic.
  1. Acrylic Painting Tips (17)
  2. Oil Painting Tips (19)
  3. Watercolor Painting Tips (12)
  4. Pastel Painting Tips (2)
  5. Painting Tips for Beginners (81)
  6. Painting Tips: Composition (11)
  7. Painting Tips: Color Mixing (20)
  8. Painting Tips: Animals/Fur (8)
  9. Painting Tips: Inspiration (11)
  10. Figure Painting Tips (11)

10 Tips for Loosening Up
If you think your paintings are too tight or controlled and you want to work more freely, try some (or all) of these 10 tips to help you loosen up your work. You'll be surprised by the results.

7 Ways to Improve Your Painting While at Work
What can you do to benefit your painting while you're at work? Each of these tips works at stimulating the creative side of your brain and keep you thinking about painting during the day.

Top Tips for Landscape Painting
Practical tips to help you improve your landscape paintings.

Tips from Painters on Overcoming a Creative Block
Suffering from a creative drought, or artist's block, does not mean you're losing your artistic ability. These tips will help you get painting again.

Tip on Storing Canvas
A helpful painting tip on a method for storing painting canvasses.

How to Make a Brush Tote
A useful tip on how to make a brush tote from an old plastic coffee container.

Brian Rice’s Painting Tips
A collection of helpful painting tips from an active member of the Painting Forum.

Storing Paintings on a Rack
If you've got a little bit of space in a corner of your studio, you could build yourself a rack for storing your paintings vertically.

Tips on How to Get the Last Bit of Paint out a Tube
Wish you didn't have such a struggle to get the paint out of a tube? These tips will help you find and save time in your busy life.

Top 100 Painting Tips
Improve your painting with this collection of 100 really useful painting tips.

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